Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lesson Learned

Moving on with my story . . .

I had one completed manuscript. At the time, it was entitled Sanguinity. I know, awful. I later changed it to Sierra and that is what it is to this day. It will always be my favorite story because it was my first. I love the hero, I love the heroine, and I love the setting. My sister once told me—after reading Sierra—that she couldn’t stop having dreams about being stuck in a snow bound cabin with a handsome hero.

I know.

Anyway, what next? Now, at this point, publication has, of course, entered my mind. But that’s not the path I take. I still hadn’t done any research on how to get published. Regardless, I decide to move forward and write another book. Won’t I be more marketable if I have two books to publish, rather than one? Of course. So, I set off writing my next novel. It had also been in my head for many years. It’s now called Joshua’s Folly. It never had another name. What do I do? I write another monstrosity. Yep, all 165,000 words worth. I eagerly send it out to family.

Now, just because family and close friends like your writing does not exactly mean that it is good. They love it because they love you. It just so happens that I have very honest family and friends! They give it to me straight. While it hurts, it also makes you really think about your writing. It makes you learn to revise and edit—a very necessary skill.

For Joshua’s Folly, the reviews are mixed. Some people like it, some people don’t. They read all of it, they are hooked on it, and it evokes great emotion in them, but, in the end, not everyone loves it. And I’m devastated.

However, it turns out to be the FAVORITE of my mother and of one of my daughters. This encourages me and I learn a great lesson. Not everyone will like every book. And that’s okay. Some plots appeal to some, and not to others. But the fact that two people who are very close to me LOVE it, makes it all okay and I am happy.

Lesson learned.

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