Thursday, April 12, 2012


Back to my story.

After facing lots of rejection, I decide that I want to self-publish. I now have five completed novels. My family and friends have read my novels and they love them. Of course, it doesn’t occur to me that none of them are experts in the publishing field. Still, I am encouraged at the response and I’m determined to be published. Everyone loves Lancaster House and many are begging for a sequel. The sequel to Lancaster House is now next on my agenda.

I decide to query the one book I haven’t queried at all. Lancaster House. It will be my last ditch effort. If I still receive rejection, then I’ll self-publish. Sounds like a plan.

I don’t send out many queries, maybe ten. In my querying, I include THE AGENT, the one who had recently sent me a personal rejection letter. I know he liked something in my writing in the past, so I figure I have more of a chance with him.

THE AGENT requests the first three chapters.

This has happened before, so I’m not too eager as yet.

Then THE AGENT requests the full manuscript!!!!

This is the first time someone has ever requested the full manuscript and I’m elated, thrilled, overjoyed, ecstatic, etc. etc. I’m also a nervous wreck. What if he likes it? It’s paranormal, I don’t have any other paranormal books. What if he hates it? What if he laughs in my face? Every emotion possible ruminates through my anxious mind.

I receive an e-mail from THE AGENT. He wants to hear about some of my other projects. And he wants to know where I see my writing going after this book.

After I’m done jumping up and down like a child and screaming till my family is covering their ears, I sit down to compose a response. It takes me a couple of hours to write the response. Some writer I am. I have no idea what the correct response is, or what THE AGENT wants to hear. In the end, I simply tell the truth and hope that it’s good enough.

It is.

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