Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of the ROAD?

Now, just because there was nothing more THE AGENT could do for me, did not mean my life was over. Although it felt that way. THE AGENT was very honest and told me there were many ebook places to publish my books, but I didn’t need him to go that route, (he only represents traditional publishing). He’d just be taking my money, when I could do it for myself. I appreciated his honesty and integrity. We ended our contract amicably with the promise that I could contact him at any time if I had another story he might be interested in. He asked me to keep him informed of my progress and wished me well. If I need an agent in the future, I will call him first.

I made the decision to return to my original idea: self-publish. I just didn’t feel like querying more agents. I also liked the idea of total creative control. Of course, with that decision also came many other aspects I wasn’t prepared to face. Marketing my books, editing my books, designing my own covers, making a website, learning to blog, etc. etc.

Suddenly, it wasn’t the end of the road. I had two million things to do. And it was all a little overwhelming.

At the same time, it was exciting. Finally, I’d get to hold a finished product in my hand—in actual book form, with a cover and an ISBN number and everything.

What a thrill!

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