Thursday, June 7, 2012

Business or Personal?

I think one thing all authors need to keep in mind is that publishing is a BUSINESS. You may have a wonderful, well-written book. But, if a publishing house doesn’t think they can sell it, you’re out of luck. Rejection letters do come based on this one simple little fact.

Too often, we take it personally. We feel discarded, cast-off, unwanted.

With good reason! It’s personal to us!

But, consider this: When you sign with an agent or publishing house, do you want them to simply think your book is okay or do you want them to LOVE it. If they LOVE it, they will work hard to become your advocate and sell your book. This is what we want.

I was floored when I read the letter THE AGENT sent out to publishing houses. (for Lancaster House) It said things like: “This is one of those stories that I started reading and couldn’t put it down until I was done.” and “This is one of those books that when I read it, I knew it would be an instant hit.” and “This is that situation we all speak of when we say, I’ll know it when I see it.”

Wow. I suddenly understood why agents say they need to love a book in order to represent it. I read it and thought, is he talking about me? My book?

Regardless, Lancaster House didn’t sell. It was sent to Kensington, Random House, Source Books, Harper Collins, St. Martin's Press, Pocket Books, and Grand Central Publishing.

Very discouraging.

But, they didn’t see it selling. It wasn’t personal. This is a business. It’s a good thought to keep in mind.

I decided to self-publish. Would I rather be published traditionally? Absolutely. But, the world of self-publishing has opened up many opportunities for writers to market their work. It’s a pretty amazing thing.

So, I’m about to release Lancaster House myself. We’ll see what the public thinks of it, eh?

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