Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Great news! Lancaster House is now available in paperback! (ebook versions will be available very soon!)

Now, I never intended to write a sequel to Lancaster House. However, so many family members requested a sequel, I knew I had to write one. To me, the ending of Lancaster House is totally a happy ending--if you use your imagination. But, even I knew the ending was begging a sequel. Everyone wanted to know what happened next—and I had to admit, there were several things I wanted to see happen, things that didn’t fit into the parameters of the first novel. In other words, the sequel allowed me to write the story as I saw it happening from the novel's conception. And I knew I had to begin the sequel at the exact moment I left off at the ending of Lancaster House—something I was dying to write.

The sequel to Lancaster House will be available in six months, entitled, The Middle Aisle.  (Dec. 2012)

And I promise, it will leave you satisfied. Questions will be answered, loose endings will be tied up, and happily ever after . . . well, of course!

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