Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Behind the story of LANCASTER HOUSE

Lancaster House is not a book I'd planned to write. I never intended to venture into the world of Paranormal Romance. However, it's the favorite genre of one of my daughters. She called me one day and issued me a challenge. She said, "Let's both write a short paranormal story and see what comes of them." I told her I didn't want to write anything paranormal, my mind just doesn't go there. But by the time we hung up I had promised to think about a plot.

About this time I was watching the talent competition American Idol. I watched a performance that involved the contestant singing on a fog shrouded stage while wearing a vampire-like costume. This image spurred my imagination and started me on my way to writing Lancaster House.

That's all it took.

To my surprise, I really got into it. I grew up going to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, and the place sparked countless stories in my mind. As a child I also spent a lot of time at the Hayes Mansion, (also in San Jose, California). In fact, my parents were at one time considering becoming the caretakers, long before it was restored. (Can you imagine? I never would've slept a wink!) Lancaster House contains many things I remember from exploring the nooks and crannies in these houses. I also couldn't resist adding a little family history into my story, i.e.: my grandfather drove across the country as a young boy of sixteen, saying it was the best thing he ever did.

Of course, in the end, Lancaster House far surpassed a short story and quickly became a novel. I have my daughter to thank for it.

While writing this novel, I found myself looking over my shoulder far too often. I scared myself. Ridiculously so. And I'm not into scary. However, while the beginning may leave you wondering if someone is going to suddenly appear before your eyes, Lancaster House is actually a romance through and through.

Can you guess which American Idol performance spurred my imagination?

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