Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unhappily Ever After??

I love HAPPY endings. All of my books will always have happy endings. (Lancaster House IS a happy ending--if you use your imagination! Don't worry, the sequel, The Middle Aisle, will satisfy the need for a happy ending. Warning: there will be lots of drama along the way.)

Just once I'd love to watch/read one of the famous love stories--on the big screen or in print--and see it end differently. I'm one of those crazy people who re-watch movies and think . . . maybe this time it will end the way I want it to . . .

*spoiler alert*

Marius will choose Eponine. (she's my favorite Le Mis character)
Christine will choose the phantom. (the Gerard Butler phantom, that is)
Romeo and Juliet will not die. (neither one)
Rose will NOT let go of Jack. (in other words, Jack doesn't die!)
Richard will not find ANY modern day coins. (From Somewhere in Time--my favorite movie. The book is great too. It's called Bid Time Return. Technically, this movie/book does have a happy ending)
Meg Ryan's character on City of Angels does not DIE! (although I love this movie)
And the main character will not die in any and all (well, almost!) Nicholas Sparks books! (one of my favorite authors)

I love books and movies that make me cry. Truly, it leaves my husband baffled. I love anything that will evoke that kind of emotion out of me.

But, please, let it end happily. Just once.

I can't write sad endings . . I just can't. But, the middle of the book . . . well, that's a different story!

What movie/book would you like to see end differently?


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