Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lancaster House: THE MOVIE!?

My book blog tour for Lancaster House has been going well.
I've received two more wonderful reviews at Andi's Book Reviews and at Literature Lovers' Labyrinth.
You can visit their sites or read the reviews below:

Literature Lovers' Labyrinth: 

Zoe wants to put out the old and bring in the new, starting with her move to a new state. After purchasing a dying edifice to reside in, she quickly busies herself with renovation. . .as well as with falling in love. The house’s secrets keep her on her heels- and so does the posessive and mysterious man she can’t see or hear. Her personal philosophies are in shambles as unbelieveable answers set her on a tailspin. Unfortunately she ends up hospitalized, but forever plotting her way back to her home- and her love. Will she make it? This book is stunningly written with astounding imagery that played like a movie in my mind. The characters are hauntingly delicious and delicately crafted, backed by an exhilarating plot that holds you firmly from cover to cover. I give this most endearing book 5 stars, a must read for lovers of the paranormal and of thrilling suspense tales.

Andi's Book Reviews:

Zoe is a very confused and emotionally raw woman. Her doctors have dubbed her as being schizophrenic. While reading the interactions between her and her doctor, you are inclined to agree with them. But as you read her story as she is telling it to her doctor, you start to wonder if she is really telling the truth. All the way through, it is hard to tell what is fact and what is a figment of her imagination.The story is so unbelievable and impossible, yet for her sake you almost want it to be true.

I also loved the descriptions of the Lancaster House. I love the idea of old houses with secret rooms and secret passageways. I would love to visit this house and explore it, ghosts be damned. It's a great setting, again, even if many aspects are just a figment of Zoe's imagination. Somehow, though, I don't think that they are.

To me, this wasn't necessarily a scary read. It was more of a mind-bending tale of intrigue. Reading this reminded me a bit of Girl, Interrupted with the interactions between patient and doctor, and the patient trying to prove that she wasn't crazy. I could see every scene play out like it was on the big screen. I really enjoyed it. There is a sequel to the story, an excerpt of which was at the end of my review copy. I am aching to read it, to figure out some more pieces of Zoe's puzzle.

One of the things I love about these two reviews is that they both mention  that they were able to picture the plot as if it were a movie in their head:

This book is stunningly written with astounding imagery that played like a movie in my mind. 

 I could see every scene play out like it was on the big screen.

I would LOVE to see Lancaster House made into a movie! It would make a fantastic film.

Leave a comment if you agree!

I think I would cast Julianne Hough as Zoe. Andre, however, has been a hot debate in our household. 

Tell me who you would cast as Andre! I'm open to suggestions!


  1. I would definitely watch it. I am going to have to think on who I see as Andre...that's a tough one!

  2. Coming soon in a future blog post . . . the video that inspired Lancaster House! If you want a visual of Andre, this is it!

    1. Hopefully very I am very curious!!