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Location, location, location!

See my review of Lancaster House at Nette's Bookshelf Reviews! (or read below)
Thanks, Nette, for the great review!!

When I was asked to review this book I was sooo excited! Why? Because the setting of the story is based in my hometown in CALI! Based off the Winchester Mystery House (which is literally blocks from me, and sadly I've never been there. Hmmm, I'm not sure why though. Anyways...) I couldn't resist! Taylor Dean is putting the South Bay on the literary map baby! So without further delay here is my review of Lancaster House.

The book begins with Zoe Grayson telling her story of how she ended up in the "loony bin" as she calls it. From a failed engagement and the devastating loss of her father, Zoe is ready to start fresh. Falling in love with an old Victorian home she decides this is exactly what she needs for a new beginning.

Zoe knows she isn't crazy, but strange things keep happening in her home. Determined to find out whether she's imagining these things or if there's a permanent helpful intruder she searches every nook & crany and hidden room, and that's when she discovers she's not alone...

Lancaster House is an interesting book, it's definitely not your typical paranormal story. I liked that there was a twist in the plot, it kept me engaged in the story. I would have liked to have seen more background into the history of Mrs. Lancaster and what happened to her, I think that would have made the character of Andre more believable. That being said, the story held my interest. I found Lancaster House to be refreshing and interesting. I liked the idea of a new kind of paranormal. The romance between Andre and Zoe was sweet, he was a true gentleman and I enjoyed reading about their time together. The passion that Zoe feels for him is evident and undeniable. It's nice to read a romance novel that can portray passion and desire without revealing "what goes on in the bedroom" so to speak. Don't get me wrong, I like to read that too but this kind of sweet and soft romance was a perfect fit with the characters. The ending was left on a hinge and I WILL be reading the next book to continue on with Zoe and Andre's story.

If you enjoy romance with a touch of paranormal or paranormal with a touch of insanity...read this book.

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Nette lives in San Jose, California, where Lancaster House takes place. I grew up in San Jose, California and have many fond memories of my life there. I'll always miss it, but my hubby's job took us off to Texas.

My next book, I Have People, takes place in San Jose, California also. I like to write about the places I know, and I know the Silicon Valley, or at least I used to! It's changed so much since I was last there. Even my parents are no longer there. They retired and moved away. I still have relatives there though, so my ties are not completely broken.

My memories of San Jose have definitely creeped into my writing. It's a great place to live. The weather is NEVER an issue. It's darn near perfect when it comes to climate. Moving away was a bit of a shocker for me. (You mean I actually have to drive in snow???) The best part: the beach is only an hour away!

Texas creeped into my writing too. One of my soon-to-be-released novels, Joshua's Folly, takes place in Texas.

I'm a Texan now, and I love it--but the California Girl is still in my heart.

If you were to write a book, what location would you choose?

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