Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Virtual Book Tour


My virtual book tour started today for Lancaster House!

Today I visited My Cozie Corner. To see my five star review, click here.

Or read it below:

"Lancaster House" is not your normal paranormal romance, but a novel with with a well written, interesting plot that is loaded with twists and turns. This is one of those books that you just can not put down until you finish, and I can't wait for the sequel! Highly recommended for all paranormal romance readers.

I give "Lancaster House" a 5 star rating.

Tomorrow I'll be visiting The Solitary Bookworm. Her review is already posted and the author interview will be posted tomorrow afternoon. To see the review click here.


Lancaster House – wow this novel blew me away. Ha! I initially though Lancaster House was a ghost story – wrong. I had a love and hate relationship with Lancaster House. There were a few things that I didn’t quite well understand BUT there are definitely good things about this novel. Let’s discuss first what I didn’t like -

Andre as a vampire – it wasn’t believable to me. I get why Dean wrote it as it was but I really can’t see Andre as a vampire. But the revelation from my initial though of ghost to vampire was left me speechless. I wasn’t expecting that turn of events.

Zoe was very depended – as in she eventually stopped “living” her life because she was obsessed with Andre. I apologized for using the word obsessed but that’s how Zoe really was resulting to her taking her life because she can’t be without Andre.

Abrupt ending – when it ended I was like “What the heck? What happened?” in a good way. I was so taken by the story that I was taken back by the sudden ending of the story. It left me craving for the next book right there and then.

Well basically these are minor details and it doesn’t really hinder a reader from enjoying the book so it doesn’t really matter. So what’s good about Lancaster House?

The house. There’s really no explanation there since the whole story in my opinion revolves around the house. Andre and Zoe are just secondary compared to how Dean described and highlighted the house in this story. This is also one thing I love about Lancaster House – it was very detailed. I can really picture the house.

Uniqueness. Without giving away much detail I can say that “Lancaster House is not what you perceive it to be. Prepare to be amazed at how different Lancaster House is to your usual reads.

How the story was told. It was like looking into Zoe’s mind since it is based on Zoe’s POV and I thoroughly enjoyed her session with the doctor in charge of her care. It was actually like reading her diary or more like watching a replay of events as it happened. Wade (her doctor) was caring and gentle with Zoe and you can really see his doubt through the sessions. The ending didn’t give any hint if we’ll see the doctor again or not but lets see.

Don’t be fooled by my abrupt ending above since the story was tightly wrapped in the end. You’ll just have this urge to grab a copy to know what happened next. It was a healthy mix of excitement and frustration. Lancaster House is a recommended read. If you haven’t got a copy, grab one now.

The Solitary Bookworm gave Lancaster House four stars, which is still pretty darn amazing considering I'm a brand new, self-published author. I still can't believe people actually LIKE something I wrote. It's entirely surreal!

To see my response to the surprising paranormal element in Lancaster House, click here.

Thanks again to My Cozie Corner and The Solitary Bookworm for featuring me on their blogs!

Watch for even more reviews coming soon!!

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