Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lancaster House News

My Second Book Blog Tour for Lancaster House is well underway! I'll be posting links of giveaways and reviews as the tour progresses.

My latest review from my previous tour is at Midtown Underground. Or just read it here:

Overall, this was a pretty good read! Lancaster house starts out with Zoe Grayson getting assigned a new psychiatrist as nobody else has been able to work with her. Through her recounting the events that happened to land her into the psychiatric hospital, we are told the story of the Lancaster House.

Zoe decides to buy this house and renovate it back to it’s old glory.The author did an amazing job describing this house and the details were very accurate for a 1920′s home. She very accurately portrayed what the Lancaster House would look like. and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. You are talking to an HGTV addict over here, okay?

The characters in the story, Zoe, Andre, and to an extent even her doctor I found all very likeable in their own way.I liked the fact that Dr. Channing seemed to genuinely care for and want to help Zoe. My only issue is that Zoe seemed a bit too co-dependent. But I get it, when you are in love, sometimes you can become that way when things are new and you are passionate and just want to be with the other person.

I think that the author created a great romance, but with a bit of a twist. It was definitely not one that I was expecting either. I found it to be an interesting and intriguing read and look forward to seeing more from Taylor Dean.

Thanks for the review, J.A. I'm an HGTV addict too! I guess that's one of the reasons why I enjoyed writing Lancaster House. 

Currently, I also have an ebook giveaway going on at Dive Under the Cover. Thanks, Shelly, for featuring me and my books on your blog once again!

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