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Lancaster House Review

Just wanted to post my latest review of Lancaster House. This was given to me by a twenty year old Egyptian girl living in Cairo! The review is posted on her blog, Mademoiselle Le Sphinx.  I think it's pretty cool that a girl from Egypt read my book. Talk about crossing cultural boundaries! Thanks so much, Aliaa!

See the review on her blog or just read it here:

I am not sure why, but when I was asked to be a part of this tour I quickly agreed, which is confusing to me. Why? The problem with the cover is that it didn't draw me in. I am easily influenced by pretty covers and this one was alright, but nothing I'd rush to read sadly. The Synopsis more than made up for it though and that balanced up my interest in reading this book. However I was hesitant since the name brought on an 'Amityville House' memory. My friend had known I liked reading and when he'd gone to England - for some unknown reason - he thought 'Ghosts' was an appropriate book to give me. One of the first stories in it was the Amityville House one and the myths and truths around it. That story freaked me out so bad, and for some reason I sensed something similar in Lancaster House and was worried about it.

Zoe Grayson is a decorator who's been having a few rough months, she decides an escape from that reality is what she needs as she comes across Lancaster House. It was perfect. Zoe couldn't stop obsessing over the house and returning it to its former glory, she worked really hard on it, yet, she didn't seem to be only one doing so. She'd wake up to find the walls she was pretty certain she hadn't completed the day before completely done. The banisters she was sure she was exhausted to complete were finished and even random things like the stove being shut off as she forgets it on as she napped or being covered by a blanket in her sleep. Something was definitely off, but who was it helping her out? The story commences as Zoe is in the psychiatric ward, being prodded and questioned by Dr. Wade, who's trying to get to the bottom of her 'paranoid schizophrenia' as it seems the only likely solution to what Zoe is suffering from, and the only explanation as to why she tried to kill herself. But who was it in the house? And what was he? And was he real? Or just like the Doctor claimed, he's a figment of her imagination?

This book was a bit eery and I am almost always worried about reading paranormal books, but I still enjoyed it immensely! It had me so enthralled and curious as to what's going on. The story is told like the Notebook, with bits and pieces of the story coming back whilst Zoe explains to the doctor the events. Then we get a break as the doctor begins to analyze the bits of the story he's given every session and find a logical explanation to what's ailing her. Though the twist with Andre was a bit surprising and I am not sure if I was really into it. Andre's character was great, but what the author chose him to be is a bit hard to fathom, making me side with the doctor a bit, but I guess it's fiction so all is possible?

I loved the writing and the author's style. I enjoyed how flowing it was and it was an easy read - I do appreciate that. I love the flashbacks and the stories, and the explanation the doctor seems to find fitting. The story was well developed and so were the characters, it's just the added mystery that kept me on edge all throughout the book.

What I absolutely hated was the ending. This is not a way to end a book after dragging the readers along throughout it! Honestly! How could I possibly wait for book two with such and ending and teaser? I was about to go mad when I read it and I am still overcome with rabid curiosity! What on Earth happens next?

I'm glad I decided to write a sequel to Lancaster House. Oddly enough, I had not planned to write one in the beginning. One reviewer on Goodreads even says she doesn't feel a sequel is needed!

Some people loved the ending--and others, well . . . the ending drove them absolutely crazy. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction. My imagination could picture exactly what Zoe and Andre were doing at the moment Zoe went flying through the door. To me, it seemed obvious.

Still, I agreed that a sequel was needed.

And a sequel is what you will get!

The Middle Aisle . . . December 2012!!!

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