Monday, September 10, 2012

Review of Lancaster House

GREAT REVIEW  of Lancaster House at Book Girl Knitting.

What would you do if the love of your life was a ghost and no one believed you? What if they stuck you in a psychiatric hospital and filled you full of drugs to keep you sedated. Welcome to Zoe Grayson's life.

Reading this book, I was not prepared for the strength of voice and the very real grit author Taylor Dean projects in her amazing story. Give me a great ghost story any day of the week. Fill it with kick butt heroines and a spicy romance and you have me at the word go.

From the first page, the tone of the book compelled me to keep reading. The sarcasm, wit, description of the 1920's Victorian house (Has anyone watched Ghost Story? It made me think of that movie so strongly) and how the events unfold that lead Zoe to be housed in a psychiatric hospital being interviewed by yet another doctor. Is she crazy or did she actually experience a love from beyond the grave?

This book will keep you up nights and take you away from your housework. Yay! It had me hiding in the bedroom with my e-reader and box of Raisinettes, happily turning the pages and marveling at the stunning voice.

If you like a crazy good ghost story with a happily ever after love story, give Lancaster House a try.

Thanks for the wonderful review, Dana.

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