Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sierra Blog Tour

My Blog Tour for Sierra starts tomorrow. Not very many people have read Sierra. I haven't advertised it as much as I've advertised Lancaster House. It's my personal favorite of my novels and I feel protective over it, as if I want to shelter it and not let anyone criticize it. A few of the reviews have been good and this gives me hope that people will like it! (one has been scathing--ouch!) Wish me luck! My sister, who hates romance novels, says it's the best book she's ever read. Go figure.

Here's the formula:

Extreme loss. A kidnapping. A handsome hero. A new beginning. Winter in a snowbound cabin. Drama.

When it comes to romance, how can you go wrong?

This book is my baby . . . my first love. I fell in love with writing while creating this novel. It's personal to me.

I've been letting readers notice it all on their own. Oh, do I have another book out? Well, whaddayaknow? How'd that happen? It sorta slipped in between the cracks of Lancaster House.

Time to whip up some courage and let others read Sierra. I can only hope reviewers will be kind.

Virtual Book Tour September 17 - October 6

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September 24 - Books For Me - Review/Excerpt
September 25 - A Chick Who Reads - Review/Giveaway/Guest Post/Excerpt
September 25 - Literary Getaway - PROMO
September 26 - Soon Remembered Tales - Review
September 27 - Andi's Book Reviews - Review/Guest Post/Giveaway/Excerpt
September 28 - A Date With a Book - PROMO
September 28 - Paulette's Papers - Giveaway/Excerpt/PROMO
September 29 - Sweeping the USA - Review/Giveaway/Excerpt
September 30 - Book Reviews by Dee - PROMO
October 1 - LovLivLife Reviews - Review/Giveaway/Guest Post/Excerpt
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