Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sneak Peek of I Have People

A sneak peek of I Have People:

Why was Angela crying? What was going on? “Where am I?” Confusion gripped her, why couldn’t she think straight?
“You’re in the hospital, sweetie. You’ve been in a coma and we’ve been waiting for you to wake up for the longest time. You’re going to be okay, though, you’re just fine. Don’t worry about anything.”
In spite of the comforting words, Holly felt herself panic. Hospital? Coma? “I’m okay?”
“Yes, honey, you’re going to be fine.”
“Where’s Gabe? I need Gabe.” Her throat hurt. Her voice was scratchy and unrecognizable even to her own ears.
Angela’s sobs stopped abruptly. “What?”
“Gabriel. Where is he?” she uttered with extreme difficulty.
“I . . . I’m not sure.”
“Tell my husband I’m awake,” she mumbled through an irritated throat. Angela was quiet and had gone very still. “Tell him, please tell him.”
 Holly wiggled her toes and stretched her legs. She wiggled her fingers and lifted her arms off the bed, proud of herself for being able to accomplish these tasks. She could feel every part of her coming back to life.
 “Why isn’t Gabriel here?” Holly asked again, feeling devastated. Angela was silent for several moments, looking at her as if she didn’t know her. Holly’s head came off the pillow, “What is it? What’s wrong? Did something happen to Gabe? Tell me, Angela, I want to know,” she said in a raspy whisper.
Angela rubbed her arm softly. “Holly, please don’t get worked up. Calm down. Nothing’s happened to Gabriel. He’s perfectly fine.”
Holly let out her breath and collapsed onto her pillow. “You had me worried. Why isn’t he here?” She was tiring quickly. It took all of her strength to utter the words.
“We . . . we weren’t sure when you would wake up, honey. Don’t worry, I’ll call him.”
Holly felt fuzzy and her thoughts were jumbled. “Why am I so tired? What happened to me?”
“The doctor said it was best for your memories to come back to you all on your own. I’m not supposed to tell you anything or . . . or prompt you. The important thing is that you’re going to be okay.”
“Oh, all right.” I’m going to be okay. I’m going to be okay. The words ran through her mind as if a mantra. Holly closed her eyes and tried to think, tried to command her thoughts to return to her. The only thing that wafted through her mind were her memories of Gabriel. His blond hair. His perfect smile. His brown eyes. His kiss. Her worried gaze met Angela’s wide eyes. “I . . . I can’t remember anything. Except Gabriel, of courssssse. I could never forget my husssssband.” Her words were beginning to slur.
Angela’s smile died on her face.
 “Why do you look sssssso upssset?”
“I’m not upset. I just . . . I just wish he was here to see you wake up, that’s all. He’ll be so . . . disappointed.”
Holly’s eyes slowly closed as she whispered, “He’s always late for everything. He’s never in a hurry. Remember that, Angela?”
“Yes, Holly, I . . . I remember.”
Holly quietly fell back to sleep, the conversation, completely wearing her out.

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