Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Current Giveaways of SIERRA

I currently have two amazing giveaways going on at two amazing blogs! One is at Colorimetry and one is at My Devotional Thoughts. Both giveaways are for my romantic suspense novel, Sierra.

Ruth at My Devotional Thoughts says: I am so excited to be giving away my current favorite read. Love that! Sierra is her current favorite book! Wow!!

Laura at Colorimetry emailed me with a few of her favorite scenes! I LOVED hearing about her favorite scenes! Can I say WOW again! Wow! (Okay, that's enough!) Here's what she said:

I think my favorite scene, if you want to know... is when Alex is helping her in the bathtub and realizes how concerned he is for her safety, but how strongly he's attracted to her, too. There was so much tension and attraction and Alyssa was still clueless.


The Memory Site when she said "goodbye". I needed that 'cause the first part was very traumatic for me. I was still in denial and horrified and I needed to say "goodbye" myself.

Lol. I get into my reading, I guess.

LOVE when a reader 'gets into' one of my books. There's no greater compliment!

Thank you so much to both Ruth and Laura!