Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reviews of Sierra

Below are some reviews of Sierra.  I received the first one from Andrea at A Chick who Reads:

Review: If you look at the cover of this book, you may think you are getting a light hearted winter tale. That's definitely not the case here.

This is the kind of story that grabs you from the first page and makes you hold on until the last page is turned.

I always find books like this hard to review because of that whole spoiler thing.

So rather than try to sum the book up, I'll tell you this. When I first saw the cover and saw the genre as romantic suspense, I almost dismissed it. The cover gave it a kind of Harlequin-y look. A cozy suspense novel. (Not my favorite genre in the harlequin imprints) But something in the blurb made me give it a try.

It is nothing like the cover. And it isn't cozy.

This book will definitely surprise you and Taylor Dean will be an author you'll be adding to your must read lists!

Rating: 5 flowers

My next review is from Chasity at Batty for Books. Warning: Spoiler alert!!

My Thoughts:

“Sierra” Blew me away. The book started as a sort, cute, happy story and then bam tragedy struck and I didn’t see it coming. The whole feel of the book changed. It was suck an amazing thing to do and a very hard thing to do in writing. The more work of Taylor Dean’s that I read the more that I am impressed. She really knows how to tell an amazing story and how to grab your attention and hold it.

Alyssa’s life goes from picture perfect to horrid in a flash after her, her husband and her two year old son are all taken hostage by two crazed mountain men while they are on a vacation.

After brutally killing her loved one the proceed drag Alyssa through the forest with them so she can become the mother of their new community. Alyssa’s worst nightmares quickly become a reality.

But when the mountain men stumble upon a cabin in the mountains they are caught off guard by the man who lives there and the fact the he may be willing to risk his life to save Alyssa.

Taylor Dean’s writing is amazing. I love that her romance novels have other aspects. Like “Sierra” had the suspense/mystery theme to it as well. It wasn’t just a romance novel it was so much more. A very powerful, profound book! Another great read from Taylor Dean!

Thanks to Andrea and Chasity for two wonderful five-star reviews!!

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