Thursday, December 20, 2012

Even more reviews of I Have People!

Yes, more reviews. Bear with me! I LOVE to post all my reviews. It's more for me than anyone else, but good reviews make me happy! A special thank you to all the reviewers who took the time to read and review I Have People!

This five-star review is from Andrea of A Chick who Reads:

Review: I think I might have mentioned that Taylor Dean is one of the best discoveries I've made this year as far as authors go. I've read 3 of her books so far, Lancaster House, Sierra and now I Have People. There's one element that binds them together, suspense.

I'm so glad that my copy of I Have People was an ebook, because the suspense in this book would have been to tempting for me otherwise. I know if this had been a physical copy I would have been flipping the pages to find out what happens.

Like all of Taylor's other books, I find it hard to review the story without giving away things that you really shouldn't know unless you've read the book.

Here are some things I can tell you.

1. This book deals with domestic violence.

2. Holly is at times the stereotypical battered wife as well as a head strong female. You will love her and be frustrated with her all at the same time.

3. Gabe is the man you absolutely want to have in your life.

4. Ange is the bff we all need and want.

I really liked how Taylor built the suspense around Holly's accident and the other characters in the book. She gave you just enough information to keep you turning the pages, but not enough to make you go "A ha!'

If you haven't read one of Taylor's books yet, you really should pick one up. They are all emotionally charged and full of wonderful characters that you can't help but love and root for.

Rating: 5 flowers

This review is from AJ Marshall of The Book Mark Blog:


I was pretty excited to read this one. I only knew the basics and was okay about that going into this one, which for me is pretty odd!

This book was a real head scratcher for me! I kept thinking I was figuring things out, then Dean would throw something else in and off I would go trying to figure that out!

The story was well written and the plot was well thought out. The characters were enjoyable and easy to like. Overall I enjoyed it and didn’t want to put the book down until I made it to the end.

Not a love, but a solid like!


The next review is from Vibina of Books for Me: (4.5 out of 5 stars)

My earlier experience with Dean's was good which prompted me to sign up for this tour and I am glad at my choice..From page one I was deeply into the story..It has an element of suspense, thrill engrossed with deep and passionate true love , temporary amnesia only took the story to another level..

The book opens up with Holly Noel eagerly awaiting someone followed by a traumatic accident, creating much needed curiosity to go on...She wakes up in the hospital from eight months coma surprising everyone with her miraculous recovery..Why wouldn't she?? she had a blissful life awaiting her with her doting husband Gabriel Sinclair, also nicknamed as true boy scout by Angela , Holly's best friend..But things are not what they seem to me with her amnesia wiping away the vital thread of her past life that threatens to devastate her wonderful life...

I am in awe of this book, just loved the way Dean has weaved a dream love between Hol and Gab..Their love for each other only made me curious to know about the secrets Gab was holding away from Hol...I wanted rush through the book while not wanting to miss the wonderful moments between them... Affection, love , friendship , trust, fear, loss, pain and hope are clearly portrayed through Holly, Gabriel and Angela which completes the circle with Cal...One instantly feels attached to Holly and feel sorry about her frustration at her faded memories time and again..But Gabriel was the absolute show stealer for me with his warmth and love...Moments between Angela and Holly are absolute girly moments..Being that said, I felt the epilogue to be bit overdone, on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed my read..This is definitely a wonderful girly pick for me..

This review is from Susan at My Cozie Corner:


Taylor pens "I Have People" with realistic and relateable characters. The plot deals with love, domestic abuse and the characters healing process. A very well written story with a roller coaster of emotions in a difficult read, but totally well worth it. Highly recommended for all readers.

I give "I Have People" a 5 star rating.

This five-star review is from Dani of Paulette's Papers:


I Have People is an emotional journey of a young woman named Holly Sinclair. She was in foster care all her life because her mother couldn’t stay clean long enough to take care of her and she never knew her father. As soon as she turned 18 she was released from foster care with no family or friends to go to. Because she doesn’t have anyone, she becomes the perfect target for domestic abuse.

I don’t really want to say too much more about this wonderful story because I don’t want to give anything away. What I will say is that I totally admire Holly’s character. While I have personally never dealt with the types of situations she went through, I can completely see how and why she does the things she does.

I recommend this book to any woman. I think it might even help some who find themselves in a dangerous relationship with someone. I smiled and cried and I will defiantly re-read this book one day!

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