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Today's topic: I Scared Myself! 

If you missed yesterday's post which included an excerpt with a description of Lancaster House, click here.

Lancaster House is not really a scary book. I’m a total wimp when it comes to scary movies, horror movies, or books of the same nature. In the end, Lancaster House is a romance.

However . . .

The beginning is a little scary. At least I (the wimp) thought it was. Seriously. While writing the beginning of Lancaster House I found myself looking over my shoulder more times than I care to admit! I was sure Andre was going to appear to me any minute. A good friend of mine read the book long before it was published. She teaches an early morning youth religious class at church. As the teacher, she was always the first to arrive at the dark church at oh-dark-thirty. After reading Lancaster House, she told me she had a hard time entering the church by herself, sure that a ghost was about to appear to her any minute!

I know exactly how she felt. I felt the same as I wrote it. If I put myself in Zoe’s place, I know I’d leave Lancaster House screaming with fright! It’s always fun to write about a character that is much braver than yourself. Since I wrote the book from beginning to end, without skipping ahead, I didn’t really know Andre myself as of yet. I mean, his essence was in my mind, and I knew he was good, but he wasn’t created on paper as of yet. That made the beginning scarier than it should have been, as if I was experiencing it right along with Zoe, as if the story was unfolding before my very eyes. Now I read it and I’m fine, of course! I’m in love with him as much as Zoe and he can haunt me anytime. I’m sure you’ll feel the same as you read it!

COMING NEXT: Read one of my favorite ‘scary’ excerpts from Lancaster House. (Just click and follow!)

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