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Today's topic: ‘Nineteen-twenties’ slang’ excerpt from The Middle Aisle 
If you missed yesterday’s post about the use of nineteen-twenties’ slang in Lancaster House, click here. 

I love nineteen-twenties’ slang. It’s so colorful. I couldn’t resist having a little fun with it in The Middle Aisle. Just promise me you won’t go off and google the meaning behind ‘iron your shoelaces!’ All shall be revealed in The Middle Aisle! Besides you’ll ruin all of Andre’s fun!

Excerpt from The Middle Aisle:

As they made their way back into town, Andre said, “How about you go into that restaurant and tell them you need to iron your shoelaces?”

“Iron my shoelaces? What does it mean?”

“Just do it. I’m curious. Let’s see if they know what you mean.”

Zoe placed her hands on her hips. “Andre Lancaster, are you trying to embarrass your loving wife?”

“Never,” he answered, acting wounded.

“Why don’t I believe you? Fine, I’ll do it. But if they laugh me out of the restaurant, you’re in big trouble, buddy.” Andre followed her into the restaurant and Zoe approached the reception desk. “Excuse me, I need to iron my shoelaces. Can you help me?”

The young girl looked at her blankly as Andre laughed energetically behind her. Zoe turned on her heels, her face beet red, and left.

“That wasn’t funny. She had no idea what I meant. What did I just say?”

“I’ll never tell. You’ll have to ask around till you find someone who knows what it means.”

“Or go back to the hotel and google it,” Zoe threatened.

“And ruin all this fun?”

“Are we having fun or are we having fun at my expense?”

“Aw, c’mon,” Andre said as he pulled her into his arms. “It’ll be fun. I’m interested to see if anyone knows what it means.”

“Meanwhile I’m known as the girl who wants to iron her shoelaces. Somehow I doubt it has anything to do with ironing or shoelaces. Am I right?”

“Yep. But, that’s all I’ll say. This is your quest, Zoe, to find out what it means.”

Zoe rolled her eyes. “You need to chill.”

Andre paused. “Chill?”

Zoe laughed, the sound bouncing through the air. Two could play at this game. The slang of the day could perplex him as well. “Let’s go back to the hotel, and maybe I’ll explain it to you.” 

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