Thursday, March 21, 2013


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I love ROMANCE. But, does it come off as cheesy sometimes?


I think anything that deals with deep emotion risks coming off as cheesy. 

So, what is the difference? Why is it that some books or movies that deal with deep emotion and romance are soooo incredibly good and others are just plain cheesy?

I'm not really sure. But, some 'have it' and some do not. It's an elusive something that 'works' in places where others fail.

I think it has to do with the emotion behind the love scene. For example, in my novel, Sierra, the heroine has been through heart-wrenching circumstances. The new love story is filled with deep emotion because of this. Taken out of context, the romance scenes in Sierra could be labeled 'cheesy.'

If a book/movie jumps into a romance scene too quickly, before the reader/viewer has had time to become emotionally invested in the couple, I think it comes off as cheesy.

My other thought on this issue is this: I write clean romance--not sweet. My books are passionate without being explicit. Many parts are light-hearted and heartwarming. I think sometimes 'heartwarming' is considered cheesy.

If a reviewer says your Romance novel is cheesy, it's the kiss of death!

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I've had a couple of reviewers say that 'I Have People' is cheesy. I hate that comment more than any other. In I Have People, Holly awakens from a coma, plagued with amnesia. She doesn't act like herself and she expresses her love with absolutely no filter, so it comes across as a bit cheesy. But then, we'd all sound cheesy if we walked around effusively declaring our love for people with no restraint whatsoever!!

I LOVE what this reviewer had to say about the issue:

What I can say is that I Have People is not just a "fluff" romance novel. It is a deep book that deals with very relevant and sensitive issues without glossing over the problem or making light of it. She described an abusive relationship in such an honest way. I think so many different people could relate to this book in so many ways. But the book isn't all heavy emotion. There are parts that are so light hearted and so incredibly sweet. I have read a few reviews that say the book is cheesy, but I must disagree. I think it was sweet, caring and romantic, and after what Holly went through, she deserved it. I loved Holly and her people. :) Heck, I want people like Holly's people. This book is definitely one of my favorites, and I recommend it to everyone! I could go on and on, but I would end up writing spoilers!

I appreciate the reviewer adding that statement to her review!

What it all comes down to is this: some people will think ROMANCE is cheesy no matter what. It's not their genre. It's not what they personally love to read about.

As for me . . .




  1. If "I Have People" is Cheesy then yes I am very Cheesy. I loved this book so much. It is 2nd only to Sierra.. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and all in between. I thought Taylor did a wonderful job and has with all of her great books. I would be so happy to have half of her writing talent. I Have People was one I just could not put down and felt like I was right there with all the characters. I loved Holly and all of her people.. Hated the husband though. He needed to be tarred and feathered.. hehehe :)

    1. I LOVE your enthusiasm, Linda! Thanks for your wonderful comment!