Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I woke up to this great review of Lancaster House today: (Pay special attention to the last few lines)

Wow! Another really clean romance from Taylor Dean! If you're looking for a paranormal romance that isn't smutty and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, Lancaster House is the book for you. I was surprised at the direction that it took in the paranormal sense as I thought it was just going to be a ghost story. But there's much more to it than that! I found myself wondering if maybe the main character, Zoe, really was imagining things, but really hoping that Andre was real. I look forward to reading the sequel. However, my one complaint is that while the cover is pretty, I don't think it gives you much to go on about the story's plot. I don't normally judge a book by it's cover, but I think sales would improve if it sort of gave an idea about the book.

(You know, I love that many of the reviews of Lancaster House start with the word, WOW!)

This is not the first time a reviewer has spoken about the cover of Lancaster House! Here's what another review said:

The first thing about this book is that it needs a new cover. The cover as it stands now (with the hand) simply doesn’t do this book justice.

I read a comment the other day that said the cover made the book look freaky. I get it. It screams 'Carrie' and my books are not Stephen King-ish by any stretch of the imagination! Lancaster House is a heartfelt paranormal romance novel that questions the main character's sanity. But I liked the idea of a hand reaching out beyond the grave, which is what Andre does--if Zoe is to be believed!

At any rate, I digress.

I also have reviewers tell me how much they love the cover, however,  the comments that stick in my mind are the negative ones! Ah, human nature!

So, I'm CURIOUS! What do you think of the cover of Lancaster House? Does it turn you away from reading the book? Does it intrigue you? Do you love it or hate it? I LOVE to hear from readers. I'd especially love to hear from those who've never read the book. I'd like to know if the cover alone keeps you from wanting to read the book.

My reviews for Lancaster House have been, for the most part, AMAZING! Do you think the cover is holding this book back?

Did I 'miss the mark' with this book cover?

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  1. I don't know if I can be impartial, because I have read and loved the book. I do love the covers. I get tired of seeing the same ones all the time. You know what I mean. Sometimes it is good to make us curious enough to look a little deeper. Does it hurt sales? I really don't know. Nice post taylor. I love that you put it out there. ^_^

    1. Thanks, Sherry! You have always been a fan of the Lancaster House and Middle Aisle covers and I appreciate that. Personally, I love them. Many have suggested a Victorian House with a shadowy figure in one of the windows--which would be fabulous and it would speak to the inside of the novel. However, I feel that it would be so cliche. It's overused. I've seen that cover a hundred times! I wanted something different. My only worry is that it's too different! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me!

  2. I really can't decide either since I've read the book and love it. I am not sure I would have read it without having read the synopsis. I think that if people are really readers, they read the synopsis without thinking too much about the cover. I might have just used a cover model with a haunted look about her. IDK lol. It's hard to NOT judge a book by the cover, but yours is very very unique!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on the matter, Christy! I think I've come to the conclusion that I like unique! I agree with you that readers tend to judge a book more by the synopsis than the cover--at least I do. I need to keep that in mind and stop second guessing myself!! Thanks for your comment!