Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why Domestic Violence Victims Don't Leave

The message behind I Have People is simply this: verbal, mental, and physical abuse is NOT OKAY. EVER.

That's what I wanted to announce to the world. That's why I wrote I Have People.

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Don't let anyone treat you with such behavior. Don't accept it. Don't allow it. Don't live with it.

Since writing I Have People, I have received positive feedback from individuals who have faced similar situations as Holly. I appreciate these individuals reaching out to me. It is, by far, one of the most rewarding things I've experienced since I began publishing my books. It is my hope that I Have People will help women facing domestic abuse--even if it is only in some small way.

I recently came across this video of a woman telling her story of domestic abuse and I found it fascinating. We all wonder why women stay in such a situation and Leslie Morgan Steiner gives us some great insight into this issue. She is providing a great service to women by sharing her story. I thought I'd share it with you here today: 

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