Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Fabulous Five-Star Review of I HAVE PEOPLE!

Bear with me, when I receive an awesome review, I have to share it. 

Listen, reviews are tough. I've received my share of not-so-great reviews. So, when I receive a good one it's the most exciting thing in the world!!

Special thanks to Sherry of Fundinmental for reading and reviewing I Have People! To read the review on her blog, go here.


I can’t help but eat up taylor dean’s books, like the M & Ms that I love. She makes me so tense, sitting on the edge of my chair, racing through the pages. An amazing writer. She can tell a story that makes you hold your breath, as you wait in suspense for the tale to play out.

“He’d finally killed her,” went through her mind as her body struggled to bring her back to the land of the living.
I Have People
“I have people, people who care about me. You two are my favorite people.”

Eight months of her life gone, but now Angela, Gabe and Holly were together. She knew they were keeping secrets, but the amnesia and her physical therapy kept her so busy, she would forget about pursuing it.
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She had risen from the dead, like a modern day Lazarus. She had to learn to walk again, and she mixed up words, becoming confused. The amnesia had stripped her of memories of herself, but the memories of her love for Gabriel were still there.

She would awake in the night, alone and afraid. She knew something wasn’t quite right, but couldn’t figure out what it was. She wanted Gabriel with her, but he insisted on sleeping separately until she recovered.

Gabriel was doing his best to recreate their dates. She thought he was trying to help her remember. He made her feel like a princess, made her feel safe, warm and happy. She couldn’t keep her hands off him, so strong was the love she felt for him.

When she awoke in the morning, the first thing she thought of was Gabriel, the first thing she said was his name.
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They got married, went on a honeymoon and bought a new house to begin their life together. She thought that life couldn’t get any better, except for her desire to have a child.

Gabriel kissed her goodbye as he headed off to work. She noticed a car parked across the street, but quickly forgot about it. She went to the grocery store and saw it again.

That night, she answered the door and the glass she was holding dropped, shattering at her feet. She knew the evil looking man at her door and the memories of HIM came rushing back.
Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos   5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

I think I spent more time deleting what I wrote, than actually writing it. I did not want to give the book away, so it was very difficult to figure out what to tell you. This book may not be for everyone, but I feel everyone should read it. Sometimes all it takes to make a difference in someone’s life, is to let them know you care.

An amazing story of life and how the people around us can help us overcome the bad in our life and enable us to rise above it.

taylor dean can weave a story that will keep you on pins and needles. As Holly remembers, tears form in my eyes. The suspense and anticipation of what is to come, makes my heart beat faster, my palms sweat and chills run up and down my spine.

To write about domestic abuse cannot be easy. The fear and terror a person experiences as they are being terrorized by someone they love and trust, must be one of the worst things that can happen to a woman. taylor dean handles it with style and grace.

Gabriel is a boy scout. Squeaky clean, kind, gentlemanly, helps people, courteous and polite. He doesn’t even curse, helps her put on her coat………pulls out the chair for her.

He would pull the chair out…………………….

“You need to learn to fall gracefully.”

“Why do you always hurt yourself? You’re so damn breakable.”

This is another roller-coaster ride, compliments of taylor dean. The range of emotions she covers go from heaven to hell, and everything in between.

I can’t remember if I received this book in return for a review, but it doesn’t really matter. I want to read anything and everything she writes and I will always review it. So, stay tuned for more.


  1. What a truly right on review of this wonderful book. I loved this story so much. It really does make me appreciate what a wonderful husband I do have.

    I had a friend that was in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately she didn't make it. He did kill her. My very best friend and I had no idea that she was being abused. I wonder, if I had known would she have listened when I would have told her to get away from him. I lost a wonderful friend to a jerk that was so much like the creep in this book. She had a newborn son who her parents ended up raising. The husband is in prison for the rest of his life, but she is still gone forever and had friends that would have been there if we had known. I wish so much that she would have had a chance to read this book, it was not around back then unfortunately. But as much as she did love reading she would have read it I feel certain.

    I believe that it could possibly help some people. It is told in such a way that you have to see the things that you might not if you are in an abusive relationship.

    I loved reading this book so much and I gave it 5 stars. It was a beautifully told story and the love in it was so sweet and real. The abuse was just as real and so horrible. I detested the jerk that was so cruel and just downright mean, so much, but I was so glad that Holly had the two wonderful friends that were her people.

    Sometimes it takes a good book to make people see things for what they really are and this one certainly does that.

    Thank you for writing this book Taylor. It is my 2nd favorite book only to Sierra as you already know. Can't wait to read Joshua's Folly now. :)

    Congratulations on the wonderful review and the awesome story. I loved it from start to finish. :)

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you for sharing that with me and I'm so very sorry for your loss. If you had known, you would have done something and that's what counts.
      I hope I Have People will help others who find themselves in an abusive situation too. In the end, it would be the most rewarding thing that could happen. Thanks so much for your kind words. I always appreciate your comments so much.

  2. First of all, thanks taylor for your raves. I am humbled and very pleased at the same time.

    lsmoore (?), I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I don't know if you could have helped. I think abused women hide it so well, that there is not much you can do for them until they come to you for help. Because you were her friend, I believe she would have listened, but would she have left?

    This is such a complicated subject and I think it needs to brought out in the open so the women know they are not alone and there is no shame or humiliation. That it is not THEIR fault. These men are weak and need to break someone down so they feel bigger.

    Very well done taylor and lsmoore, just being her friend was a good thing. We can never have too many.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this issue, Sherry. Well said. I agree that women need to know they can share their story and people will be there to help them. So much is hidden behind closed doors that even family members are unbelieving when they hear it and that's a shame. It needs to be brought out into the open, where abusers cannot hide. Instead, women hide it and apologize to the very men who are treating them so horribly, as if they are offending them by telling the truth. Really upsets me. But that's why I wrote the book, to get this out of my system. Enough said.

      Thanks for your comment and for your wonderful review.