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More WONDERFUL I Have People Reviews

My I Have People Book Tour is going well. I've received two more five-star reviews! How amazing is that! To an author, it's the most amazing thing in the world!

Seriously. When you let an author know how much you love their book, you have made their day. Maybe even their month and year!

My books are my 'babies.' I've spent hours upon hours of my life perfecting them, editing them, thinking through plot lines, developing dialogue and personality traits. 

Hence, it's extremely rewarding to hear that someone else loved something you wrote! I can't even explain the feeling.

Elation. Ecstasy. 

These words only touch on the feeling.

Here are my recent five-star reviews:

(Did I mention that I LOVE these reviews? Special thanks to Christy and Laura! Read their reviews here or check out their wonderful blogs!)

From Christy of Christy's Cozy Corner:

My Review:

I love Taylor Dean's books. They always feel so real. The characters are realistic and her style of writing makes her books easy to fall in love with.

I Have People is a story that is both beautiful and painful at the same time. It is a story of love, abuse, and deep friendships. Parts of it are so hard to read because the abuse is so real, and Holly is so trusting. This story makes you want to reach in and take control of the situation. I wanted to shout out warnings constantly!

I'm sure we have all jumped head first into a situation without thinking much about what we were doing before we did it. Maybe it was jumping into a relationship with someone without really knowing who they were or maybe it was something as simple as eating a whole row of Oreos....you know you've done it! Knowing this makes it so easy to see how Holly got herself into a relationship where she did not really know the person first.

It is so easy to be in love with being in love. You get mushy feelings and want to be around the person you are in love with all of the time. You ignore any warning signs or imperfections because this is the person of your dreams! But they may end up being your nightmare. Holly is human and makes the same mistakes we all make in some way or another.

Thankfully, Holly is rescued by a deep and lasting love. A selfless and sacrificing love. Though her memories may be impaired, the rescuing love she experiences is as real as anything could ever be.

As with all of Taylor Dean's books, I highly recommend I Have People to anyone who loves a great story! I was captivated from the start and couldn't put this book down. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you're feeling giddy with happiness and the next you're filled with dread! It's a great ride...take it!

This next one is from Laura of FUONLYKNEW:

My Review
From the synopsis and the prologue you get what this book is about, or do you?
Yes, it’s about domestic abuse, about spousal abuse. A tough subject to write about.
Taylor does it as gently as she can. You read about the abuse Holly suffers at her husband’s beefy fists. The physical and emotional terror he inflicts.
You also read about Holly’s courage, her spirit that rises up when she’s had enough.
She awakens from a coma 8 months later and the first thing she says is “Gabriel.”
Where is her angel, her husband.
This is where you discover you don’t quite know where the story is going.
There is a mystery to be delved into. One that Holly’s husband , Gabriel, and her best friend, Angela are keeping hidden from her.
On several occasions, Holly catches them whispering when she enters the room.
I was waiting for her to get mad, to finally yell at them to tell her what they were hiding from her.
She knows they won’t tell her. Insisting she must remember on her own, when her mind is ready.
At first I thought she gave in too easily. But the more I thought about, I could see where she was probably terrified to remember. She knew it would be painful.
One scene I really liked was where Holly was explaining about her imagination and how it worked.
“Well it goes something like this. I’m in the elevator, staring at the back of a woman’s red coat, and I begin to think that maybe I should paint my living room wall red which leads to thinking that I really need to vacuum the living room, which leads to wondering what I’ll do this weekend…….” I’m just like that! My mother always told me, I think too much.
I adore Gabriel. He really is the boy scout Angela accuses him of being.
And who wouldn’t want a friend like Angela. She’s sweet and funny and a loyal friend. I’d like to read her story. And I’d like to get to know her pack of brothers too, especially Dimitri.
Maybe we’ll here from these characters again.
Until then, I urge you to read i have people. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll want to kick someone, but most importantly, you’ll want to hug someone.
You’ll want to hug “your people.”
 5 Stars for i have people
While I received this book to review, I went ahead and bought it so I could read it on my kindle. I have most of Taylor Dean’s books as paperbacks and will soon be adding this one to my bookshelf. Her covers are beautiful and when I love a book I have to be able to hold it. I’ll be adding more of Taylor’s books to my shelves as she releases them. Each and every one:)

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