Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Reviews

My I Have People Book Tour continues to go well. Here are some amazing new reviews! The Grand Finale Blast starts tomorrow!

This review of I Have People is from Aimee at Getting your read on:

Wow. I was interested in reading this book from the beginning when I signed on to be a part of this blog tour but I had no idea I would love it so much. That took me by surprise. I love when a book does that. It's awesome.

I. Love. I Have People. This book kept me engaged the whole way. The way the author flipped from the present to the past to tell the whole story was so good. You might think it would be choppy or hard to follow but it really wasn't. I think the way the story unfolded was one of the best things about this book.

I fell in love with Holly and Gabe. Gabe is all that is sigh and swoon worthy. A true good guy in every sense. I wish I could tell you all the reasons that I love Gabe but I'm afraid I would ruin things. You'll just have to trust me and read this book.

I Have People deals with the very sensitive and serious subject matter of domestic abuse. Even though this is a weighty topic, the book never felt over done or bogged down in darkness. There were, of course, times when I cringed and my heart hurt for all the many women suffering from the many forms of domestic abuse. It is really heart breaking and so wrong. The subject matter is dealt with well in this book. Real without becoming consuming. Well done.

This next review is from JoyAnne at Deco my Heart:

Holly Sinclair awakens from 8 months in a coma and has lost most of her memory. She does have memories of her wonderful husband, Greg. He begins to recreate certain events in hopes of helping her regain her memory. It doesn't take Holly long to figure out he and her best friend are hiding information from her about the accident. When her memory does return she in shocked at what she remembers.

This is an emotional story of domestic abuse and recovery, wonderfully written with realistic characters, and it will stay with you long after you finish. How I wish women (and men) that are bring abused would seek help and realize they have "people" too. It made me angry, it's heartbreaking and stirred up memories of abuse I witnessed as a child in my home. Taylor handled the subject very well, I highly recommend this book to everyone!

The next review is from Emily at Mrs. Mommy Booknerd:

The cover is beautiful isn't it? I love the color and design...absolutely eye catching, right?! But what is contained inside is even more impressive. Dean creates a story that is not only engaging, gritty and real, but Dean also stays true to the topic she is writing about. She gives her characters depth, dimension and a voice. I was simply pulled in right at the prologue and this wonderfully original, page turning novel kept me up well into the night. I nearly read it in one sitting. Dean is the real deal. She writes with purpose and a message and I just adored the book. With twists, turns and captivating characters this book is not to be missed. The story is about serious matters, but it is a story that needs to be told. I applaud Dean for doing it right and giving a voice to this all too common problem. You are intrigued now, right??? So go get the book and dig in!!! I rate it 5 stars! 

And finally this review is from Kayla of Green Mountain Couple:

My Opinion

This book is AMAZINGLY well written. I couldn't put this book DOWN! I can't get into telling you too much about the plot or it will give the book away (and we don't want that do we?).
Needless to say I cried with Holly and laughed with her too. Holly grew up in many foster homes as a young child, with no people of her own. This is Holly's story of how her life changes from having no people to "I Have People". Holly's story is full of happiness, love and terror.

The suspense of what was going to happen next, got me "hook, line and sinker". The author did a great job developing the plot and characters. This is a must read book, I highly recommend it. As a warning this book does deal with ABUSE, so if you can't/don't want to read about that this is not a book for you.

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