Thursday, May 30, 2013


The Title of I Have People

When I first began to write I Have People, I had no idea what the title of the book was going to be! At about this same time, I was facing an empty nest for the first time in my life. The house was so very quiet. I was used to teenagers coming and going at all hours due to jobs and various activities, slumber parties, movie nights, music, and laughter. The house was a constant hub of activity. Suddenly, that time was over and I missed my children desperately. I felt lonely and sad. I buried myself in writing my novel, feeling just a little sorry for myself.

Then the phone calls from my children started to pour in. All. The. Time. It became increasingly hard to have a long period of time where I could write uninterrupted! I quickly realized that although my children had all left the nest, motherhood was far from over.

It was at this moment that I realized, I Have People, and I always will! That’s when the name for this book was born. 

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My main character, Holly, grew up in the foster care program and doesn’t have any people. She is an easy victim for a manipulative man. She finds herself in an abusive situation with nowhere to turn.

If one of my daughters found themselves in an abusive situation, my hubby and I would have them out of there in no time! And the husband had better fear the wrath of his mother-in-law! My daughters know this and are thankful to have ‘people.’

But, what if you have nowhere to turn? What do you do? Where do you go? 

Read I Have People and find out what Holly does!

I love the title of this book because it reminds me to always be thankful for the ‘people’ in my life.

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