Friday, June 28, 2013


I wouldn't publish a book unless I felt good about it, confident in it, LOVED it!

However, I knew going in that Joshua's Folly was not like my other books--and this made me nervous. I love this book, but I kept asking myself, will I disappoint my readers?

(Read the Joshua's Folly Debate here.)

A few of the reviews have confirmed my worst fears:

~This was a quick read and easy read which I liked but the story was just to fluffy for me,and not really my style not one of Taylor's best books but I'm still a fan and eager to read more books by her

~it was ok not her usual style, i like taylor dean books for being different and this wasn't.

I guess I kinda expected that reaction from some readers. It was risky to publish Joshua's Folly. But, then other reviews helped me realize it was the right thing to do. It does appeal to some audiences:

~Aaawwww!!! Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, you have reduced me to tears, yet again! Tears of joy, laughter and pain. I love how your books make me feel like I am one of the main characters and the events of the story are happening to me, right at that moment. This is yet another MUST read people, get reading and rate. You won't be disappointed :)

~This is my 3rd book by Taylor Dean and I have loved them all. She’s an amazing writer. I inhaled this book like it was chocolate once it came out. Dean once again created characters you can’t help but love and cheer for; Joshua and Marisa work their way into your heart and become dear friends you don’t want to ever part from. This romance is so touching, fun, poignant, and heart wrenching at times. The emotional connection between Joshua and Marisa is wonderful to read about; their love story is one in a million and will make you laugh, cry, and sigh endlessly. I loved them together, didn’t want them ever apart, and was sad to let go of this when I was done. I will definitely reread it someday. You won’t regret reading this contemporary romance set on a dusty Texas cattle ranch, and might want to wake up for 2 am hot chocolate after you read it.

I actually liked the way the below reviewer explained the situation! She really hit the nail on the head. 

~Taylor Dean is a wonderful writer who is known by her fans for the suspense in her books. Joshua's Folly was different than her normal books, so even though this is by NO means a bad book, I would not suggest this as your first Taylor Dean book. I would recommend reading I Have People, Sierra, Lancaster House, or For Nick (which releases next month I believe) first and then come back to this one. That way you get a true sense of her writing style signature, which is incredible. Still, Joshua's Folly was a sweet romance.

Marisa is a woman who has been through a lot in life, and as a 10 year old girl fell in love with a picture of strong, handsome and sturdy-looking (if that's a word? it seemed to fit here) Joshua when she needed someone like that in her life more than ever. Joshua hasn't had the easiest road either, and now he is raising his [daughter] as a single father on a cattle ranch in Texas. The book begins with Marisa arriving in Texas to help out the boy from the picture she fell for all those years ago for the summer, and her feelings only get stronger after meeting him in person.

I enjoyed the laid back setting of the Texas ranch and the "folly" area. I could picture clearly in my mind the characters and setting in this book, thanks to Taylor's descriptive writing. She manages to show instead of tell, which is a big problem for me in some books.

One thing you should know about Taylor Dean is that she has very strong morals which is apparent when reading her books, and I applaud her for that, for not selling out and writing something she doesn't believe in just to sell books. Her characters never have pre-marital sex, they don't swear, and they treat people as they wish to be treated. I actually think Joshua's Folly might appeal to fans of religious romance fiction books, and not because religion is mentioned at all, because to my recollection it isn't, but because of the strong morals of the characters.

Overall, if you are looking for a sweet clean romance book, this is a great book to pick up so long as you don't go in expecting Dean's signature suspense! And don't forget to check out For Nick, coming July 2013, where she is back to the suspense! And it's a great read!

Lesson learned: Each book I release had better be even more amazing than the last! I plan on living up to the challenge. The comments my beta readers have given me on my next book, For Nick, have been extremely favorable, with many saying it's their favorite of all of my novels. I wasn't expecting that, but I'm thrilled. I never know which book people will love the most, because I LOVE all of them!

Even Joshua's Folly!


  1. It's weird how sometimes the author will adore one book and readers won't, and then they'll love something else of the author's that the author doesn't think is near as good. Personal preference. I've loved reading certain books and friends have hated them (and vice versa) makes life interesting I guess that we don't all have the same tastes. I'm excited to read For Nick now after what you said to end this post.

    1. So true, Charissa! It was the very first lesson I learned as an author--not everyone will like every book--and that's okay! Took me awhile, but I finally got it, and learned to accept it. Hope you enjoy For Nick!
      I'm lovin' Secret Keepers so far. Suvi is leaving for Israel and I'm nervous about what will happen next. Sorry I'm so slow, I just read a little bit each night. I spend too much time on my own writing and not enough on reading! If I had a choice, I'd spend my life reading! Thanks for your comment!

  2. Well, first off, when you are rich and famous you can read all you want. LOL I wish that for you. Now, I'm not going to saw much about the reviews, because I really didn't read them. I don't want to be influenced when I do read the book and write my own review. We all know about personal preference, but I really don't see why, if you are a great writer, even something different from your norm cannot be great also. "Controversies" like these really peak my interest in any book and then I must read it to draw my own conclusions. All that being said, have a great weekend and keep your chin up. ^_^ Oh, and keep writing. I want more. lol

    1. Thanks, Sherry! You are the BEST! I appreciate your encouragement and constant support. You're right, I'm glad you didn't read the reviews. It would only sway you one way or the other. Can't wait to send both of my new books to you. And I hope you enjoy them both!

    2. I'm getting itchy fingers. lol. Have a great weekend.