Monday, June 24, 2013


As my Grandfather used to say whenever he arrived home: 
(I don't know why.)

We rolled into our driveway at about 8:30 Sunday evening after being gone for nearly 2 1/2 weeks, greeting our new grandson in Idaho. Hence, our weekend was spent DRIVING! We left on Friday morning and took our time about getting home! Yikes, that's a LONG drive. But worth it, since I got to hold this precious little guy! 

And his older brother too!

I'm missing my grandbabies, but happy to be home.

Other news:
The .99 cents sale of Lancaster House resulted in over 800 downloads and the FREEBIE of Joshua's Folly resulted in approximately 480 downloads!
It was really exciting to watch the numbers grow.
Thanks so much to all who took advantage of the fab deals. I hope you enjoy the books.
Also, the For Nick book trailer is now up on youtube! To view it, click here.

Off to bed for me . . . I'm up way too late writing this post!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is awesome about the sales! Glad you made it home safely! Have a great sleep lol!

    1. I'm embarrassed to say just how long I slept in this morning. I forgot how much work little ones are and I'm tired! Loved every minute of it though and I'm so glad I was able to be there to take the load off my daughter and help her recover. I hate to say this, but, back to work for me . . . ? (as if I wasn't working the entire trip!)

  2. Welcome home Taylor.

    Your grandbabies are adorable. I love little ones.

    Sounds like it's back to the grind, but seems like you got some sleep.

    Congrats on the huge bump in sales!

    1. Thanks, Laura. It's good to be home. I appreciate sleep and free time a little more after caring for my grandchildren. I could hardly do much else besides take care of everybody! I'm not complaining though! It's always nice to feel needed. Thanks so much for your comment.