Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The Worth of a Soul 

Image courtesy of [MR LIGHTMAN] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I Have People deals with the sensitive issue of domestic abuse. One of my favorite passages in I Have People is when Gabe and Holly have the following conversation:

“Why would you want me, Gabe? I’m used. Damaged merchandise. I’m broken and dented and scratched. I can’t be the person I was for the last six months.”
“Don’t ever say that, Holly. Don’t even think it. It isn’t true. You were the victim of a very sick man. Listen to me, you can take a precious jewel worth millions, dip it in mud, leave it dirty and stained, its beauty spoiled, and underneath it all it will still be worth millions. Cal took advantage of you, but it doesn’t change your worth. ”
“I let him hurt me. I stood there and took it,” she said, even though she was deeply touched at his words.
“You were scared.”
 Holly stood, feeling flustered.
“Look . . . maybe you forgot about Cal and what he did to you, but I didn’t. Not for a minute. Every single day of the last six months I knew what you’d been through,” he said, his voice intense. “I’ve always known” He let his breath out heavily. “Or at least, I suspected. Always.”
Holly let that sink in. There was something about the way he said the word, always. “Always?”
“Yes, Holly, always.”
“Explain yourself.”

I love that thought about the worth of a soul.

It’s a common analogy. I heard the analogy in a church talk once. Only it was about a twenty-dollar bill. You can fold a twenty-dollar bill, crumple it and dirty it—but it’s still worth twenty dollars. 

You can view an excellent video of the analogy here.

I didn't want to have Gabe quote the common twenty dollar bill analogy--it's overused--so I changed it to a precious jewel. Same thought, different item. But I cannot take credit for the original concept behind the analogy!

The thought has always stuck with me though. The worth of a soul is great. We all become damaged, dinged, and dented as we endure the trials of life.

But it doesn’t change our worth.

Something to remember!


  1. Great video analogy. I just bought this book last night, so I'm excited to start it this weekend after my niece's wedding when I have time to relax and enjoy it.

    1. I hope you enjoy it, Charissa. It's a little intense in parts, but has a very happy ending. Can't wait to hear what you thought of it!

    2. I bet it can't be as intense as Sierra. That one seriously had me biting my nails till they bled it was so heartwrenching.

    3. Okay, I admit, compared to Sierra, maybe it's a close second in intensity!!
      I think it feels more intense to me because the abuse is from a loved one and not from a stranger--which seems so much more devastating, and so very personal.

  2. Great analogy! This is my favorite conversation in this story! It is worth pondering and remembering that we all have worth because I think we all have our moments where we don't feel that we do. It's also good to remember that every other person has worth, too. I love this message!

    1. Good thoughts, Melanie. Something we all need to remember, about ourselves, as well as those around us. It changes the way we look at ourselves and others too. I love this message too. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing that. Even reading it for the second time, it still has an impact. Sometimes people are so low, they cannot see their value. It's just a long black tunnel, with no way out. The video was great.

    1. Thank you, Sherry. It impacts me every time also. The message is so simple, yet so strong. I agree that we tend to know this, but often can't see it as truth when looking upon ourselves. We mistakenly believe it's true for everyone else and not for us. But it applies to all of us, and we need to remember that! Great comment.