Thursday, July 18, 2013


The locations featured in I Have People 

I grew up in San Jose, California. Hence, the places Holly and Gabe go to on their ‘dates’ are real places that I frequented as a child. Authors write about what they know, and these are places that I know! 

Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk

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This is a fabulous amusement park located on a Boardwalk right next to the ocean. Take a gander here. Ride on a roller coaster or sunbathe next to the ocean. Your choice!

The Pinnacles

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To check out The Pinnacles click here. In trying to figure out where Gabe and Holly should go on a date, this one was a no brainer. My hubby and I went to The Pinnacles on one of our memorable first dates! It really did look like something pre-historic. And we really did hike through caves filled with about a foot of water. It was quite the experience!

San Francisco 

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San Francisco is only about an hour’s drive up north from San Jose. Hence, my parents took us on several family day trips to see all the wonderful sights. It’s an amazing and unique city. Check it out here.


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Also only an hour from San Jose, heading south. Monterey is one of my favorite spots on earth. The views of the ocean are absolutely breathtaking. The rocky shoreline is very different from the sandy beaches of Santa Cruz, but it’s an experience you don’t want to miss! Also visit John Steinbeck’s legendary Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. So much to do and see! Interested? Click here.

My hubby and I were stationed at Fort Ord in Monterey for a time. So I actually got to LIVE there. And our first daughter was born there, hence it holds a special place in my heart.


  1. Monterey looks pretty with those cliffs overlooking the ocean. The Boardwalk looks cool too. I haven't been to any places like those. Neat. Now I'll be able to better visualize when I read this book. Thanks.

    1. You are welcome, Charissa! I love every one of these places. Each one brings back memories of my childhood. Hopefully, having learned a little more about these places, it will help bring the book to life as you read. Enjoy! Thanks for your comment! This is the end of the I Have People posts. Thanks for faithfully following along.

    2. Just finished the book, and am glad I got to see pictures of these places before I read it. Perfect!

  2. Cool. I love them all but have never had the pleasure of visiting them. I have been to the Los Angeles area. My hubby has been to San Jose and took lots of pics. He enjoyed his time there, even though it was a working/pleasure trip. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics and Holly's and Gabe's adventures.

    1. I have a really hard time writing about places I haven't been to. It's so easy to write about what you know. I've been to all of these place umpteen times and I'd love to go again some day, but now I live in Texas and don't have the opportunity! Oh well, the memories are great!
      San Jose has changed a lot since I lived there. It's grown so much. Glad your hubby enjoyed his time there! Thanks for your comment!