Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The reviews for FOR NICK have begun to trickle in and I LOVE the response I am getting with this book!

It's so hard to anticipate which book people will love the most. Everyone has a different opinion. I wasn't sure how FOR NICK would be received. After all, it starts out with a rather cliche plot line. But then, the story changes into something else altogether. I was worried about readers not continuing with the book once they read the beginning plot. Thank goodness, that hasn't been the case and they've continued on to see what the book is really about.

Here are a few of the reviews I've received thus far: (taken from Amazon and Goodreads)
5.0 out of 5 stars Box of tissues needed!
Like someone previously wrote...wow.
I didn't really know what to expect from the reviews. I suppose I thought it was going to be another
one of the cliche having to marry the billionaire books but I was so happy to be in the wrong. I'm so
glad that the reviewers didn't leave any spoilers. It just makes this book so much better. I read it in a
few hours and couldn't put it down. The characters were great. The banter between Andie and Zach
was great and you could see they were perfect for each other. I won't give anything away either but
be sure that you have a box of tissues on hand. Such a great story, I laughed, I cried and I will
definitely be reading more Taylor Dean!
5.0 out of 5 stars WOW!
I read this in one sitting! It was simply amazing! My emotions were all over the place! I laughed,
I got mad, I cried. What else can a person want? I had a good idea who Nick was before it was
revealed. However, there was still an element that I did not expect.

I will not write a summary, just know that this is an amazing read. Get it and start it now!
You will not be sorry!
5.0 out of 5 stars Super Sensational Sorrowful Surprising Story
This book hooked me from its small blurb: Andie was so in love that she would do anything for Nick,
even marry a total stranger. What? I couldn't see how this book would turn out, and that made it so
fun to read--wondering all the while about Andie's secret Nick, and how he would play out in this
romance. Andie marries Zachary Drake, CEO of Drake Enterprises, for Nick. She would do anything
for Nick (Nick is all she thinks about). Anyway, Andie's and Zach's relationship turns out to be
amazing, much to their surprise.

Hang onto your emotions with this story, because they will be running all over the place, and you
don't want them to get away. One minute you'll be sighing with joy, the next your mascara will be
running down your face--you know, that kind of emotional meltdown type of book. I adored both
Andie and Zach. They are so funny and cute together, and their ongoing Alliteration game was
right up my alley (hence, my title). The emotions throughout this book are extreme--no blah, mediocre
feelings in this tale! No way! This is my 5th Taylor Dean book, and it's hard to pick a favorite..
.but this has to be in the top 2 for the surprises it held.
5.0 out of 5 stars wow....just wow
Generally I don't review books bc I figure a lot of people are like me and prefer to decide for
themselves if a book is worth reading or not. That being said, READ THIS BOOK. Be warned
tho, it will engage all of your emotions. Big big kudos to this author. I laughed harder than I
ever have, and cried buckets. I was lucky enough to find this book for free, but if I'd known
how good it'd be, I'd have paid any price. In conclusion, fix yourself a drink, get comfortable,
don't forget, don't forget the tissues, scroll up, and get this book today. You won't be sorry.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Incredible Multi-Faceted Must Read!
'For Nick' is a page-turner that you will want to read in one sitting.
You won't be able to put it down, at least I couldn't. There are many facets to this story. Intrigue,
anger, unbelievable emotional gut-wrenching pain, heartache, misunderstandings, but beneath it all a
deep abiding love that is pure and beautiful even though it gets discolored for a time.
There are many twists and turns that will surprise you, delight you, make you cry, tick you off,
and make you laugh. Actually, towards the end of the read I laughed until I was doubled over
and as I reread that particular chapter two more times, I laughed harder with each read.
Absolutely hilarious.

This is the first book I have read by Taylor Dean, but it certainly will not be my last. She is an
amazing writer who creates fascinating characters with a storyline that many writers could not
accomplish. I appreciate that this book was not laced with profanity and explicit sex. That, in
and of itself, seemed to add to the sweetness and purity of love. And...heaven, what a nice
way to bring in Heavenly Father and Heaven. Thank you Mrs. Dean.

OMG i loved this book, i read it in a day i couldn't put it down, got to admit i love Taylor Dean's books
but think this one was my favourite. I took it on holiday be warned you will need the tissues. Thank you
Taylor Dean for bringing it out early for my holiday's haha
so enjoyed this book was weeping almost all the way through. Never had a book do that for ages this is
my favourite book yet it also kept me guessing who nick was, but i did have an inclining later on bloody
good read!

Those are just a few of the reviews. I won't list them all. 
Just click on the Amazon or Goodreads link to view the other

Did I mention, I love when reviews begin with the word, WOW!

And to those who wrote the above, thank you so much for the
wonderful reviews! So glad you enjoyed FOR NICK!


  1. Yea For Nick! You deserve hundreds of 5-stars for that one!

    1. Thank you, Charissa. You are WONDERFUL! I appreciate your support!

  2. Congratulations! I am glad to hear all the raves. Can hardly wait to start it. ^_^

    1. I am excited to hear what you think of it, Sherry! I didn't predict that this one would be the favorite for most people, but apparently it is! Happy reading!