Thursday, July 18, 2013

Giveaway of For Nick

Just wanted to let you know, there is a wonderful giveaway and review of FOR NICK today at Mel's Shelves

You can win a signed copy of For Nick, along with a tote bag and bookmarks. OR enter to win an ebook. Your choice!

While there, check out her fantastic 5 star review!
(with no spoilers!)

Or read it here:

Andie is told about a job opening and when she goes to interview, she is surprised by what the job offer actually is. She is in desperate need of money so she agrees to marry Zach. Zach doesn't want to know personal details about her life. Then they discover they really like each other and a lack of communications causes drama for them. Will they survive this and be able to trust each other again? Or will Nick come between them?

I love this book!! It seemed like a happy ending early on but since there was a lot of book left, I realized that something big was going to happen. Zach and Andie are adorable together and I loved watching their relationship develop into something real. But Nick was always looming in the background and definitely isn't a relationship Andie is going to let go of. I'm not giving any spoilers with this so you'll have to read this book yourself to find out who Nick is and why Andie won't let that relationship go. I cried a lot towards the end. If you need a good cry, grab some tissues and curl up with this book!

Great review! Thank you, Mel!


  1. Finished reading this book on the airplane, is a tear jerker, but I loved every page of it and am glad that I got it to read. Ya'll need to try it to met all the ZZZZZZ's

    1. Thank you so much, Dorothy! So glad you loved For Nick. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know! Much appreciated.
      I LOVE all the ZZZZZZZs!!!