Monday, July 22, 2013


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For once, I have absolutely nothing exciting to post about our weekend!
However, that doesn't mean it wasn't a good weekend. My hubby and I had a weekend to ourselves, sleeping in, going out to lunch, and doing a few lazy errands. 
After two road trips and a baby shower, it was nice to be lazy and do nothing for a change.
In other words, it was a great weekend!

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And in my backyard garden, the 'great marigold takeover' has once again begun and I LOVE it!!
It's a great sight to behold while I relax!

How was your weekend?

Hope it was like this!

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  1. Those are nice kind of weekends to have. Mine has been busy--wedding of a niece out of town, and waiting now for 2nd daughter to finish finals so I can load her up and take her back home. Yea! (Oh, and I just barely finished I Have People. Loved it!!! Gabe is a dream man)

    1. Gabe is a dream man! I wanted to show the difference between a good man and a not so good man. Every girl should have a Gabe in her life! So glad you loved I Have People!
      Have a safe trip home and enjoy having your daughter at home!