Monday, August 12, 2013


My weekend took an unexpected turn. 

Let's start with Thursday night.

I helped to host a bridal shower for a good friend of mine who is getting married for the first time at the age of 50! I'm so happy for her. 

It was a baseball themed shower. Her and her fiance wore baseball shirts in their wedding invitation picture. The invitation says, "Let's team up for eternity."
Too cute.

Then Friday morning rolled around. Here's where my weekend took an unexpected turn. I woke up to the stomach flu--and I'm not talking about a minor tummy ache. Ugh. Not fun.

I've been lying around all weekend, getting absolutely nothing done.
While I moaned, my  hubby put together the brand new crib and changing table for my new "Grandma's Grandbaby Room." The room isn't finished yet, but here's how it looks so far:

Okay, I admit, I got up and put together the bedding. Maybe I did get something done.

Now I just need my grandbabies to visit!

Book news: I'm 26,000 words into my next novel. Moving slowly, but it's coming along nicely.

I also feel as though I learned a great lesson on Thursday afternoon. I received some fairly harsh reviews on Amazon for two of my books, Joshua's Folly and For Nick. My first reaction was tears. I felt the reviewer was mean and spiteful. And she was.

Very upset, I reached out to my family. My sister called me and said, "Why do you write?" (not even a hello) At this point, I was sobbing and couldn't really speak. She repeated, "Why do you write?" Finally I answered her. "Because I love it." She replied, "Exactly. Not everyone will like every book. Get over it."

It was just what I needed to hear. For Nick currently has 22 five-star reviews, 3 four-star reviews, and 2 three-star harsh reviews. It was time to put things into perspective. 

But, this experience made me think. Was this reviewer rather harsh? Yes. However, she was stating her opinion. And that is, after all, what a review is. Is there a fine line between stating your opinion and just being mean?

I believe there is a nice way to say you didn't care for a book.

Yet, people are allowed to state their opinions too.

As authors, we have to sit back and take it.

Food for thought: I sometimes wonder if people ever stop and think about how much time and effort an author puts into a book. I spend several months--sometimes as long as a year--working every day on one book. I spend countless hours editing. I started writing in 2006. I published my six books in 2012-2013. 
That's how long it took me to feel they were ready to be published. A book is not something I whip up in an afternoon and casually present to the public for their reading pleasure.
Yet, a reviewer can tear your book apart in three sentences.
That's the business I'm in, though.
And it's just the way it is.

While I can now look upon bad reviews with a little bit of a different perspective, they still hurt. A lot.

The trick is to not let bad reviews get into your head. I read the good reviews to build myself up and then keep on doing what I love.


I'd love to hear what you think about this issue!


  1. What a wonderful grandbaby room!
    I also had a stomach flu this weekend. Was going to go over and hang at Sherry's but never made it.
    About the bad reviews. It's one thing to leave a bad review with details explaining what they didn't like, but a review slamming the book or author with no explanation needs to be ignored.
    Like you said, not everyone will love your books, but those 4 and 5 star ratings say you're doing it right!
    Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

    1. Thanks for the support, Laura!
      Hope you're stomach flu is getting better. I'm still not feeling too great, but I'm on the mend.
      I'll keep writing if you'll keep reading!

  2. I don't think most readers realize how much time goes into writing a book. I know my reviews in the past (before I wrote) tended to be a little harsher than they are now. I tend to look for the good in a book before the bad now; not so before. I agree with Laura's comment--that if you do leave a bad review, back it up with evidence of WHY you didn't like it. And it's true--no matter how brilliant your book is, someone will hate it (some just for the fact that everyone else likes it and they want to be different; boo on them). As for me though, I absolutely LOVE all of your books. I think I've reread every single one now except for Sierra. That's next after I get through a few I need to review for other people.

    1. I don't think anyone has ever told me they've reread my books! Wow! I'm so thrilled. It's amazing comments like that that keep me writing. As long as I have people who do love my books and want more, I'll continue on. But, some of those reviews are tough. Thank you, Charissa. I think writers as a whole need constant positive feedback, or we become an insecure bunch! Above all, I have to write for myself. In the end, that's when I write the best.

  3. I love the pictures Taylor. The baby room is going to be so beautiful. It already is but since you said it was not finished yet I know it will only get better. As for the bad reviews, that is just part of writing. You ARE a WONDERFUL writer and every one of your books that I have read I have LOVED. I don't know why some people have to be so mean about their reviews. Things can be said in a way that does not hurt feelings but I honestly do believe that some people do it just to hurt the writer. They get some kind of thrill out of thinking they can hurt you. But you have way way more 5 star reviews and 4 stars so don't let anyone bring you down. You are such an emotional person and if you could try to be more emotional about the GREAT reviews and just brush off the ones that you can't please it would be better. I know that is so much easier said than done but always look at the good reviews and remember which ones you get the most of.. The GOOD or the bad.. Love you sweetie and will continue to read whatever you write. :) Have a great night and week.. :)

    1. Hi Linda! I went to bed early last night and this was a wonderful message to wake up to this morning. Thank you so much for your love and support. I'm so grateful for loyal readers like you! You always say the nicest things! Thank you!

  4. All I can do is echo what everyone else here said. You have some awesome books under your belt, so don't get discouraged. ^_^

    I love the grand baby's room. lol

    1. Thank you, Sherry. I appreciate your comment. You've always been so supportive and it means a lot to me. Glad you like my grandbaby room! It looks like Christmas will be the first time it will be used! Can't wait!