Monday, October 14, 2013


I suppose this is not really a weekend post, just news from the week! Here it goes!

My daughter made this FABULOUS banner for me.
Lancaster House and The Middle Aisle will be on sale starting on Oct. 20. If you'd like to share this banner on your blog or Facebook, or anywhere else for that matter, please feel free! Thank you!
(OR contact me and I'll send you the image!)

Sierra will be on sale starting on Nov. 2, as well. (My daughter is currently making another banner for me!)

There's an interesting story behind this sale . . . 
I applied to be featured on BookBub, an ebook advertising site. They are very particular about which books they will feature, so being accepted is a BIG deal!

I applied to feature Sierra under Contemporary Romance. BookBub responded saying they would love to feature Sierra, however, they felt it would be featured best under the category of Literary Fiction.

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Now, I realize there is a compliment hidden in there somewhere.
I mean, wow, Literary Fiction!? Really?

HOWEVER, I feared that anyone looking to read Literary Fiction would be greatly disappointed in Sierra, especially when they realize it's really, in essence, a Romance novel.

I expressed my fears to BookBub. 

They responded, again saying they felt it would do well under Literary Fiction.

So, I'm taking a chance--and it will be featured on the BookBub advertisement on Nov. 2 under Literary Fiction. 
I hope this decision doesn't backfire on me! I'm both excited and scared to death!

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Another thing I wanted to share with you is a funny little tidbit from last week's 'sad ending' post:
I sent the link for the featured music video to one of my other daughters. This was her rather comical response:

This was really sad, I think the lesson learned here is that spray paint is not the way to communicate.  Misunderstandings happen that can lead to serious bodily harm.

That gave me a good laugh!

Image courtesy of [Danilo Rizzuti] /

Lastly, this past week I received the most AMAZING pictures of my little grandson, Gavin. He's only a month old in these pictures and I think the photographer is an absolute GENIUS!

He has stolen his Grandma's heart too!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. First of all, how cute is your grandson? Those pics are so adorable!! I'm excited to share your Lancaster House/The Middle Aisle banner! And, yes, it looks amazing--your daughter is quite talented. I'm looking forward to see what she does with Sierra (and would love to post that banner on my blog as well).

    I'm not sure how all of that works between genres with Book Bub. I get their emails, but don't necessarily look at what the category is--I go more off the cover and the short summary, then go to Amazon to look at it more closely before I decide whether or not to purchase or download it. Hopefully, most people are like me and won't criticize you if it doesn't fit their definition of "literary fiction."

    1. Thank you, Melanie--for loving my grandson pics, and for posting my LH banner, and for being willing to post my Sierra banner! You are a wonderful 'online' friend and I appreciate you!
      Thanks, also, for your thoughts on the BookBub posting. I hope you're right! Thanks again for your support.

  2. The 20th is almost here. That banner will look so pretty in my post! And I'll mark my calendar and watch for the banner for Sierra. I hope it does well in Literary Fiction.
    Gavin is too adorable. However did they get him posed like that?

    1. I asked my daughter the exact same thing! She said the photographer had one of those handheld devices to snap the picture from wherever he stood. He'd pose the baby, move his hand away and immediately take the picture. Very clever! Especially since Gavin can hardly hold his head up yet! My daughter said he did lots of face plants in between pictures and she was getting worried he was going to cry. But he never did! The photographer made lots of weird noises that kept his attention. That explains the look on Gavin's face! He's thinking: what the heck?
      Thanks so much for posting my banners, Laura.. Much appreciated!

  3. The grandbaby pics are so funny and sweet. He is so cute. Of course you know I will be putting that gorgeous banner on my post. Your daughter does an excellent job! Seems she has a great sense of humor too. And Sierra? Absolutely. I get so confused about all the genres out there. I think I probably missed some good books because of the listings, but I have learned to ignore them and check further. If I went by either definition of Sierra, I might have missed out on reading such a fabulous book. I would call it romantic suspense or something like that.

    1. Good point, Sherry. It's true that books get labeled in certain genres, which turns many of us away when it may very well be a book we would enjoy. Marketing is tough. I've always called Sierra Romantic Suspense, but suspense lovers seem to be disappointed--and feel it's just a romance novel. I can't win! Regardless, I think you're right. Readers just need to do a little research and see if the book would be something they would enjoy. It's really hard to pigeonhole a book. I still think romance is the correct genre for my books, in spite of what else is going on. But because I add other plots, it blurs the lines a bit. Hopefully I will find my audience.
      Thank you for posting my banners. You are wonderful!

  4. Great banner! Your daughter is talented. That's nice. I feel the same as Melanie above. I never look at the genre on Bookbub--just the cover and short blurb. If that piques my interest, I'll go read reviews on Amazon to get an idea if it's clean and not smutty or something.

    And I love that Wanted picture of your grandson! So adorable. I can see why he stole everyone's hearts.

    1. Thank you, Charissa! I'd be lost without my daughter. She designed my website and does my covers for me--and makes my banners for me. Don't know if I'd be published without her!
      I hope everyone else does the same as you on BookBub! I worry that Literary Fiction will turn away some people. Oh well, it's worth a try.
      Glad you loved the pics. They cost a fortune, but we love them!