Monday, March 24, 2014


Today I am especially grateful for readers who reach out to me.
It is absolutely the most amazing, rewarding experience and makes me smile from ear to ear every single time!

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Having a readership means everything to me!

Here are just a few comments/emails I have received lately:

I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading Sierra. It was so intense and emotional. I cannot verbalize like some reviewers with a professional vocabulary so I will not try except to thank you for a book I didn't want to put down. You are a gifted writer.

I have read Lancaster House and The Middle Aisle. I was wondering if that is the end of the story or if there will ever be another book? I loved both books so very much.

I started reading this (I Have People) yesterday on my commute home at 4.30pm. I continued reading all evening, completely ignoring my husband for a few hours. I'm now finishing off the last 5% while at my desk at work - I literally cannot wait another 6 hours until I'm on my way home again to find out what happens!

I've never read any of your books before, but after downloading I have people and reading it in one day, I'm a fan.
Very well written and the plot was really good. I could actually see everything as it was a movie.

Hi Taylor. I just wanted to say that I have just finished For Nick. What an absolutely fantastic story. So many twists and turns, it was just amazing. To go from total love to complete hurt and mistrust to love and devotion again, it was amazing! Thank you so much.

Just finished The Middle Aisle yesterday, so have read all your books. First came across For Nick in July, and can't get enough of your books!!! I was a bit worried about Lancaster House series, and it really had me questioning myself throughout it all. But WOW once again! Thank you for writing such good, clean, enjoyable books!

Yes, it's rewarding when I see my sales report increase, and yes, it's rewarding to receive a paycheck from those sales . . .
But, there is nothing that makes me happier than receiving these types of messages!


And now that I have these wonderful messages listed in one place, whenever I'm feeling down, or unsuccessful, (Believe me, those days come more often than you might think.) I can come here and read them and feel good!

And now for a quick change of subject. A few weeks ago, I had my haircut and promised better pictures soon. Then I got SICK and frankly, didn't bother with doing my hair! Now I'm better and snapped a few pics yesterday. 

What I wanted:
(Sandra Bullock in Demolition Man)

What I got:

My daughter saw these pics and said, "I think it needs to be shorter for Sandy B's look, and styled just barely with a flat iron. Curling it under makes you Sandra D from Grease!"

Ah well, nice try, but I think I'll grow it out again!


  1. I agree with all those comments. It's so nice to read your books as they come out. They always introduce me to new friends I grow to love, and mess with my emotions in a good way. I'm looking forward to your next book...and I love the hairstyle. So pretty.

    1. Thank you, Charissa. You are such a kind and sweet person, and it comes through in your comments. I'm so glad we've become "online" friends!

  2. Me too. I love my online friends and hope someday we get to meet in person.

    1. With my daughter living in your neck of the woods, it is a very real possibility! I would love that, so we'll just have to make it happen!