Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm back!

It's been a wonderful and crazy two weeks!

We packed so much into the last two weeks that we are all exhausted.

But the memories will stay with us for a long time to come!

I spent most of my time like this:

But . . . we also . . .

Went to the zoo:

(As far as the kids were concerned, the slide was the main attraction!)

We visited the Discovery Center:

Let the kids swim in the backyard:
(Not a tunnel!)

We went on several outings to the park/playground, had picnics, and fed the ducks:

We took the kids to the movies, Chuck E. Cheese, etc, etc--
and overall, just had some great family time.

My daughters:

My grandsons:

(Do you know how hard it was to get this picture? You should see some of the other attempts. Hilarious!)

So sad that everyone is gone. Gonna spend some time crying and then move on with life.


Book news:

I offered Lancaster House for FREE over the weekend. It spent two days as #1 on Amazon's Top Free 100 list under Paranormal Ghost Romance and Paranormal Vampire Romance.
So exciting!!

AND I now have new covers for every single one of my books!
I've already revealed the new covers for I Have People and Joshua's Folly. 
Here are the new covers for For Nick and I'm With You:
(Please note: It will take some time before these covers are up and available for purchase.)

Have a great Monday, everyone!!


  1. Great pictures!


    1. Thank you, Rita! I'm missing them all so much! I wish my daughters and grandsons all lived close.

  2. What a fun grandma you are! It looks like you had a lot of fun...and I'm sure you're exhausted (but in the best of ways). LOVE, love, love the new covers. I liked the old ones too, but I am enjoying the new ones just as much. Your daughter is sooo talented.

    1. Much appreciated, Charissa! I love to hear what others think of the covers before I fully commit!
      I am exhausted, but I am also filled with happy memories! Spent the day putting my house back together. Still have all the bedding to wash and all the mail to go through, but that can wait till tomorrow!

    2. I love company, but after they leave isn't my favorite. Good luck.

    3. Amen. Still doing laundry. And still need to clean up the backyard after all of our outdoor fun. But I'm almost done! So it took me three days to recover. That's all. (I say sarcastically!)

  3. I love the covers! And your daughters and grandsons are just beautiful! I am sure you will be missing them! I keep telling my kids they can never move far away from me or they have to take me with them! Time is flying!

    1. It goes by so fast! I wish my daughters lived close. I really hate not being able to see my grandbabies very often.
      Glad you love the covers, Christy! Thank you!

  4. I agree, Sherry! I think the new cover had EVERYTHING to do with Lancaster House spending time as #1. I hope the other new covers will have the same result! (I only decided the night before to offer Lancaster House for free for the weekend, so it was a last minute decision. A good one, though!)

    Yes, the grandbabies are all little angels. BUT, believe me, the two year old has his devil moments!

    Thanks, Sherry!

  5. Oh My! Taylor, these are spectacular. Congratulations.
    I knew those three sweeties would be a joy. Sounds like your days were full. It's so quiet when everyone leaves isn't it?
    Great to have you back and will be sure to promote your new covers later this week on my blog!

    1. So, so quiet. Missing everyone so much.
      The reason it will take time to get the covers out is that I've decided to go through each manuscript. If I'm making changes to the covers and sending the books off to the ebook formatter, I may as well go through each book and see if there are any edits I'd like to do at the same time! Perhaps I'm "jumping the gun" by advertising the new covers so soon, but I was too excited not to! So happy you love them! (and I don't think it will take as long as I think to make all the changes!) Thanks so much for your support, Laura!

  6. I just found all your new covers. I loved the old ones, but these are really gorgeous. And what a cute family you have.

    1. Oh, thank you, Karey! I'm so happy you like them! I've agonized over my cover choices, but I'm finally pleased with the decision. I feel these covers reflect a more modern and updated look.

      I'm missing my family dreadfully. I wish all my children and grandbabies lived close, but they are all spread out--one in Arizona, two in Texas, (same state, but 7 hours away) and one in Idaho. Too far away! We have a huge decision to make when my hubby retires. Don't know where we'll go, but it will be close to as many kids as possible. Thanks so much for stopping by!