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On Tuesday, I shared the first book, 

Today I'm featuring the second book in the
Bending Willow Trilogy,

Suvi feels unworthy of her happily-ever-after, especially when her knight in shining armor becomes the target of evil men due to her dark past. James believes he has won the heart of the woman he loves, but when she leaves him and exposes sinister secrets, his love may not survive. Austan stands guard against the Dragon’s wrath, but nurses hope that he can reveal his true identity. When a chance arises to team up with a pair of Israeli Mossad operatives, he may finally be in a position to do what he has wanted for four long years—reunite with Suvi and rekindle their love.

My five-star review:

This book was filled with non-stop action, but that's what made it an entertaining read, and that's why I like to read--to be entertained. At the same time, Secret Keepers deals with some very sensitive issues, hence this is by no means a fluffy read. I love happy endings--and this book has one, thank goodness. After everything the characters go through, it was a satisfying end to book two. I look forward to book three! Great job, Charissa!



Meet the Author: Charissa Stastny

Charissa Stastny hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, but has never pulled the handle of a slot machine and can’t shuffle cards to save her life. Since 4th grade, she has envisioned herself an author after writing the creative work, The Creature from McGool, and continuing in shame to pen some cheesy romance scenes as a teenager. Thankfully, she has matured somewhat and is a member of the Idaho Writer’s Guild and tries hard not to spread too much cheese around in her writing now. She graduated from Brigham Young University and enjoys writing, reading, hiking and biking. She resides in Idaho’s Treasure Valley with her husband and children (where card shuffling isn’t required).

Q & A

What got you started on your writing journey? 

I’ve dabbled with writing since I was a kid. I loved reading clean romance as a teen and wrote many cheesy scenes between handsome cowboys and milkmaids in my journal. The world will NEVER see these!

What kind of trials do your main characters have to endure? 

Suvi’s trials never seem to end. I feel bad for being so brutal to her, but it makes for a good story. She’s a recovering closet alcoholic, as well as dealing with repressed memories of abuse as a teen and adult. And as if those weren’t bad enough, she has drug capos and a psychopath killer stalking her in Book 2. Good thing her dad is a Mossad agent. 

James’s trial seems to be Suvi, even though he’s smitten by her. The baggage above that she carries becomes his by association...and puts his life in jeopardy. 

Austan’s life rivals Suvi’s. Unloved and unwanted as a child, made to play dead as an adult and lose the love of his life, he’s used to life’s gut punches. The secretive life of a CIA-NCS operative isn’t as glamorous as he thought it’d be when he signed up; but with Suvi’s life at risk, he can’t quit. 

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  1. Thanks again, Taylor. I always love your posts. You make me want to read my books again. Ha ha. Hope all the editing and revising on Girl of Mine is going good! I'm super excited to read it.

    1. You're welcome, Charissa! I'm happy to help promote your books. Hope your tour is going well.
      Girl of Mine is coming along nicely. So close to being done! I need to finish it up and start on my new book, as that one has deadlines that I MUST meet. No pressure!

    2. Deadlines sound scary! Good luck!

  2. I really love that cover too! This series sounds very good! I loved Alias when it was on...well I still love it lol. The idea of being a spy is just so cool.

    1. I haven't watched Alias, but if it's about a spy, I should. I love spy movies.

    2. I love spy stories too. So much intrigue. Charissa catches the feeling perfectly in her books.

      I haven't watched Alias either, but now that you mention it, it sounds like a good thing to binge watch on Netflix! (if they have it!)

  3. the characters sound interesting

    1. They are! They're so very different from one another and that makes the book series exciting.
      Thanks for your comment, bn!

  4. Such pretty covers. I love non stop action and flawed characters. Thanks for sharing and I will be looking for the next one. Have a great weekend everyone.

    1. Charissa's daughter did a really good job on those covers. They are definitely eye catching. And I love the willow tree too!