Monday, March 2, 2015


I am soooooo ready for Winter to be OVER!
Snow days make me feel claustrophobic.

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Even though I'm a homebody and I'm always at my computer working, the snow outside makes me feel trapped in my home, as if the choice to leave and go somewhere has been taken from me.

Here's the view from my front and back door earlier this week:

I'm a warm weather gal and I'm ready for Spring!

Meanwhile, beta reading for GIRL OF MINE is still in the works, but the feedback thus far has been great!

While I'm waiting, I've begun work on my next novel, currently entitled,

It will be released in July of 2016 as part of a series I'm doing with eleven other authors. One book will be released a month.
Each stand alone story will include one common character.
 The character will be introduced in a free novella in
January of 2016.

It is entitled:

The participating authors:
Amy Harmon
Karey White
Rachael Anderson
Heather B. Moore
Julie Wright
Heidi Ashworth
Taylor Dean
Michele Paige Holmes
Janette Rallison
Regina Sirois
Sharalyn Pratt
Jaima Fixen

I feel very honored to have been invited to participate in a series with these wonderful authors.

No pressure to be amazing or anything.

Hopefully I can write a diamond!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

And stay warm!


  1. I am very tired of snow too! I'm looking forward to the book with the short stories! Lots of great authors!

    1. During Christmas the snow is fun and exciting. But now I'm over it!!!
      As for the series, it's actually going to be full length single title novels! Sorry, I should have made that clear. Thanks for your comment, Christy!

  2. I live in northern California and the sun is shining. Yesterday I worked in the yard. I love the warmer weather.

    Taylor, I just finished reading I'm With You. It was a wonderful book, I laughed and I cried. Jack was a terrific guy. Are there really men like him? I also loved Jack's family. I hated to see the book end, I miss the characters. lol


    1. Thank you so much, Rita! I saw your review on Amazon and I loved it. I appreciate you writing a review. It means a lot to me. I love Jack too. I sure hope men like him exist. If they don't, the world is a sad place! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

  3. Where do you get all those funny photos with captions? They crack me up. I totally agree with that one about the seasons. I can't complain about my weather right now (except we need moisture to fill up reservoirs since we hardly got any snowpack this year). The new series sounds like a pretty intriguing concept. Can't wait for that. Fun, fun, fun. I know you will make another diamond, because you're pretty good at doing that so far.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Charissa! I'm 22,000 words in and have just decided to take the story in a different direction. My hubby and I hashed it out today and I Iike the new twist on the plot so much better. I can still use what I've written, it will just have to be reorganized. Much work ahead for me!
      I found the images in this post on google images. They are a fabulous resource!

  4. I do not miss the snow, but enjoy looking at it. :-) Spring is here in Florida. I had a visit from a flock of robins for two days. It was so much fun sitting out there watching them and their antics. They took over the whole yard and I loved watching and listening to them. You can check out a couple pics here.

    sherry @ fundinmental My TT

    1. I went and checked out all your Robin pics, Sherry! Wow! Your yard must feel like a sanctuary for them. How wonderful! I'm so ready for Spring. It can't come soon enough! Thanks for stopping by!