Monday, March 9, 2015


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Is it Monday already? How'd that happen?

I spent the week in Albuquerque. While my hubby taught a class, I sat in the hotel room and worked on my next book, CHASING FIREFLIES. (working title)

Out for a birthday lunch at CPK.

I also turned a year older. Up until late the night before my birthday I thought I was turning 53. 
Nope, I just turned 52.
How's that for old? I couldn't even remember my age.
This does not bode well for me!!

I can tell you the age of each one of my characters--evidently just not my own age!

Where are my priorities?

My new book, CHASING FIREFLIES, takes place in China!
My daughter spent a semester abroad teaching English in Zhongshan, China, so I have the perfect subject matter expert to advise me.

Just like my daughter, the heroine of the story will travel to China to teach English for a semester--and from there the adventure will begin!

My daughter felt China was a magical place and loved her time there.

Hopefully I can capture some of that magic in my new book!

I still have all of my daughter's emails from her trip to China and they are a wealth of information.

I haven't forgotten about GIRL OF MINE. I'm still waiting on the responses from all of my beta readers. I hate to ask them to HURRY when they are doing me a huge favor.
Hence, I must be patient.
Just know, it is COMING SOON!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Your new book sounds fun! It's awesome when you have someone you know to base certain scenes on. Happy Birthday. At least you are a year younger than you thought. This last year I thought I was a year younger until halfway through my birthday when my husband corrected my false thought. I felt extremely old then!

    1. At least I'm not the only one who loses track of her own age! Maybe we just don't want to think about it, huh? It was rather nice to realize I was younger than I thought I was. Always good news. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and realize I'm really 25. Even better!
      I've already spent several hours on long phone conversations with my daughter, picking her brain about China details. She had unique experiences that are fun to add to the book, rather than travelogue type stuff anyone can look up on Wikipedia. Thanks for your comment, Charissa!

  2. Happy Birthday! I agree with least you weren't turning older than what you had thought. But, yeah, that is pretty bad that you can't remember your age :) lol. I am excited to read Girl of Mine AND now Chasing Fireflies! How exciting that she got to have that experience. I don't even have a passport!

    1. She's gone to a foreign country to teach English twice now. Once to China and once with her hubby to Russia. She loved it both times, and now that she has two sons, she's glad she did it while she had the chance. They were both unforgettable experiences.
      As for my age, I'm so embarrassed that I didn't know that rather IMPORTANT information! I don't know what I was thinking, well, clearly I wasn't! Does this mean I had my first senior moment? Yikes! Thanks for stopping by, Christy!

  3. Happy Birthday, I hope you had a lovely day. My birthday is later this month, as you get older they seem to be coming faster.
    Your new book sounds fabulous.

    1. It's so true, Rita! A year seems to fly by. When I was a child, a year seemed to take forever. Maybe that's why I thought I was a year older than I was. Time seems to be moving faster than usual lately! I suppose that's better than time moving slow. I keep busy and that makes my life full. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope yours is wonderful later this month! And hopefully my new book will be fabulous! It's still a work in progress, but moving along nicely. Have a great night!

  4. Happy Birthday, Taylor. No, 52 is not old, just seasoned, like a fine wine. :-) My mother went to China and stood on the Great Wall too. That is awesome, using your daughter for inspiration. You are quite the busy woman. :-)

    1. Seasoned like a fine wine--I love that, Sherry! I'll keep that in mind as I grow older!
      My daughter and her friends hiked the Great Wall. She said some parts were in severe disrepair and they were practically climbing. Needless to say, they were very sore the next day. Yet they loved every minute of it! Sounds like a great adventure to me. That's wonderful that your mother had the opportunity to go to China. My daughter loved the food, but I know myself well enough to know the food would be a huge problem for me! I'm too picky! It's tough to have my character in the book like the food while I cringe! But it's always fun to write about things I would never do. Makes life interesting! (And, yes, very busy!)