Monday, April 6, 2015


Coming in May of 2015!!!

So . . . besides getting ready to release GIRL OF MINE, it's been an interesting couple of weeks around here.

Here's why . . .

I started writing my first novel, Sierra, in 2006.

I've spent much of my time sitting at my computer writing ever since.
I've never had any pain in my wrists, arms, or shoulders due to the constant small motions of typing and working with the mouse.

Over the past month, however, I have continually woken up feeling as though I had a stiff neck--and it wouldn't go away.
 I couldn't figure out what I was doing to cause the problem. I had no recollection of straining my muscles.

The pain continued and got worse. Now it goes down my to my shoulder and into my arm and wrist.

I've been resting my arm, assuming I somehow strained it.

Then my hubby had an epiphany.
He realized the problem might be from the poor design at my computer work station. (I tend to work at my desktop computer and only use my laptop whenever we travel.)

At first, I didn't think he was right.
But, my shoulder and neck haven't gotten better, in spite of lots of rest over the past three weeks.
(But not rest from the computer!)

That being said, I now have a brand new ergonomic work station on order!
I never realized how important the ergonomics are if you are working on the computer for long periods of time. I typically work seven hours a day.

I think I've just been lucky this hasn't happened until now.

I sure hope this solves the problem!

Can't wait for it all to arrive. I'll take pictures of my brand new ergonomic work station when we have it all set up. 

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I hope that helps you! I'm still not at 100% but getting there. I still have to sleep during the day, but hopefully I'll be over it by this time next week.

    1. I hope so too. My hubby says it often takes up to 30 days to notice results. That doesn't make me happy, but as long as there is progress, I will live through it.
      Sleep as long as your body needs and get well soon!!!

  2. Sorry about the stiffness. I always worry about that too with all the sitting and typing I do. I try to do a walk each day and exercise, but I'm still sitting a lot after those activities. Let me know how you like the new station. It looks cool, if nothing else.

    1. I walk a mile on my treadmill every morning, then after sitting and working all day, my hubby and I take a mile walk through a local park. It keeps me healthy and moving. If I just sat all day, I think my health would decline very quickly! Still, I wasn't expecting to have ill effects from typing and using the mouse all day. Didn't see that one coming! Sure hope this new work station will make a difference. It does look cool, doesn't it?

  3. I know what you mean. I have experienced the same thing. I hope you enjoy the new goodies and I will be waiting to see how they work out for you. :-)

    1. I guess I'm just the last one to know about the ill effects that can come from all day computer use! My hubby said ergonomic work stations are huge where he works. He feels bad for not realizing this sooner and insisting on making a few changes to my work station. Oh well. I didn't have any pain until now and it never occurred to me. I will post about the results. Hopefully I will have good news!