Monday, June 8, 2015


Reviews of GIRL OF MINE:

This first review is from a Goodreads reviewer:

I have to confess; this is the first romance I have read, without a detailed sex scene, in a long time. Yeah, yeah, it is stupid but spare me. :P

So here I come down to the review.
I absolutely adored the book. 

Jill was such a realistic character. She's supposed to be short in the story and 98 pounds but I tried to imagine her as more curvy. All this imagining did not change the beauty of the story at all. That is the point. The story seemed so realistic that I could imagine anybody as it's protagonist. If that isn't the highest kind of compliment, then I don't know what is!

The story was emotional and enriching and during no point in the story did I feel that I was being subjected to forced emotional ride. (or rather handcuffed to it- read it, you'll get my point!)


The author does not shy away from creating characters with faults. None of them were perfect but their imperfections made them just perfect for believing. Trust me, there is no better feeling.


Don't waste your time. Just pick up the book and read it.

I confess, I love receiving a review with gifs and memes. I rarely ever receive them and I love them!

The next review is from www.mylissasreviewsandbookthoughts

In 2013 I first stumbled across Taylor’s book For Nick, and fell in love with her style. What great books she writes. Now each year around March-April I start getting anxious to hear from Taylor and beg her for an advanced copy. Each time I read a new book by Taylor, I am stunned to discover she did it again. Her books are golden!

Girl of Mine is a wonderful, heart wrenching story of two best friends, Troy and Luke. They go through a life-altering experience as kids, which changes them forever. Troy becomes angry with the world and Luke decides to continue to be the best friend he could ever be for Troy.

As Luke is just about to be deployed, he decides to break of his engagement to the girl he loves, for reasons you will discover as you read the book. Regretting his choice, he returns a short while later to find her engaged to Troy. But he is not willing to let her go that easily.

This story is told in sections taking place in the past and present, giving you more insight into the characters as the book progresses. Eventually you get the whole story, and it takes you on all the highs and lows that are so typical for a Taylor Dean Read.

Once again I found myself laughing, hurting, gasping out loud, and even shedding a tear or two. I can’t believe I will once again have to wait another year to get my Taylor fix. Luckily her books are soooo good, you find yourself rereading them time and time again!

I'd like to post every single wonderful review I've received thus far, but . . . I won't. I know if you really want to read them, you'll go to Goodreads or Amazon and view them yourself. I just get a little overexcited when I receive a good review and I want to shout it out from the rooftops. But then I'd probably get arrested for disturbing the peace, so I'll control myself and just post a few of them every now and then. Much safer.

I had the opportunity to spend a magical weekend in Austin visiting my son last weekend. It was a nice break from life and we had a wonderful time!

One more semester and he graduates from college! Sooooo excited!

Tell me about your weekend!


  1. I love the reviews! And I'm glad you got to see your son :) We went to Molly's orientation for transfer students today. It was long but enjoyable. She's taking 16 hrs...12 of which are in her education major and one gen ed. I can't believe how fast time is going!

    1. Oh wow! She's got a heavy load! Good luck to her! I bet she'll do great! They grow up so fast, don't they? My son only has 9 credits left to take in the fall. He is our last child to get through college, then we can breathe a huge sigh of relief!

  2. Congratulations on the awesome reviews. Looks like you had a great time. My mom is now here and my brother will be coming down at the end of the month. Always nice to see family and do stuff. :-)

    1. Our summer vacay is only a few weeks away and I can't wait to see everyone! I hate living so far apart from my family members. Hope you have a wonderful time with your mom and your brother, Sherry!

  3. Fun reviews. It proves that clean romance rocks! Yea for reunions with your son! It's always exciting when they get close to finishing school.

    1. Yes, such a relief to be almost done with the college years! Sometimes it feels as though we are bleeding money!
      I love clean romance. The other day someone gave me a bad rating for GOM. I went to their page and looked at what they usually read and what ratings they'd given their books. I can't even repeat some of the titles this person had given five stars to. I didn't even know books like that existed. They make 50 shades look like child's play. Definitely not my audience!