Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Congratulations to last week's WORDLESS WEDNESDAY 
winner: CHRISTY!

I liked her answer entitled:

Image courtesy of [ArtJSan] /


To view, go here.

Wordless Wednesday is actually filled with words--the words, thoughts, and feelings that pictures or images evoke within each of us without uttering a single word!

Image courtesy of [renjith krishnan] /  

What WORD/WORDS does this picture evoke within you?

Or, in other words, "TITLE THIS IMAGE."


My favorite answer wins a $5.00 dollar Amazon gift card.
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You may leave multiple answers to increase your chances of winning.

Contest is closed by Thursday at midnight and the winner will be contacted. Winner will be announced the following Wordless Wednesday.

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  1. Such a clever answer Christy I love it.

    You make my heart full


    1. I love that you are always here so early, Mary! It's so nice to wake up to your wonderful answers every Wednesday morning.

  2. Great answer Christy!

    When I'm with you I feel my blood pressure rise.


    1. That about sums up those fluttery feelings everyone feels when they fall in love! Great answer, Rita!

  3. Thank you! I have to think about this one. Good luck!

    1. You're welcome, Christy! I loved your "lego" answer.
      Today's image is a hard one, isn't it? I'm excited to hear what you come up with!

  4. Congrats Christy.

    My heart beats for you.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. Check the beat of my heart

    quiltlady110 at gmail dot com

    1. A wonderful answer, Quilt Lady! I'm loving how creative all the answers are this week.

  6. Congrats Christy! Good one:)

    Your love keeps lifting me, higher and higher!

    1. And your answer is a good one as well, Laura! This is a challenging image and our fabulous WW group never disappoints.

  7. Congrats Christy!
    Taylor, I love your answer this week!!

    Pump up the Love


    1. Well, thank you, Jana! I'm pretty sure if I was a participant, I would never win!! I guess that's why I love seeing what everyone else comes up with!
      LOVE your answer as well!

  8. You pump up my heart
    Love is good for your heart

    BN100CANDG at Hotmail dot Com

    1. I LOVE your second answer, "Love is good for your heart." That's a great answer, bn! It's going to be so hard to choose a winner this week. But then, it always is!

  9. Congrats Christy! Such a cute answer :)
    Haha, this picture made me chuckle. I have white coat syndrome, so the doctors are always expecting me to keel over at any minute when they take my blood pressure :P When I go to a new doctor (like when I was visiting my boyfriend in Connecticut, I thought I had a UTI [I didn't!! Yay!! Haha], so I had to go to a new medical place since I wasn't home), I have to explain this to them before they have a heart attack when they see my numbers!
    So moving on to answers to this cute picture....I love everyone's so far!!
    Hmm...this is tough!! I came up with one, but it's kinda my opinion anyway. But I'm going to put it. If I can come up with any others throughout the day, I'll post them as well :)
    "So this is love." (the song from Cinderella...which I now have stuck in my head :D)

    1. If my answer doesn't make sense...I was taking it like, so these are the effects of love, having a higher blood pressure, your heart fluttering, etc. Hope that makes more sense!!

    2. I LOVE that song, Natalie, and it makes perfect sense to me and I LOVE your answer!!!

      I'm the same way. My blood pressure is always elevated when I go to the doctor because I'm nervous about what they will do to me with all of their creepy medical stuff. But under normal circumstances my blood pressure is so low, they wonder if I'm alive. So high for me is relative. Anyway, I haven't heard of white coat syndrome, but that's a great name for it.

      I'm so glad you didn't have a UTI. Those are the WORST. Hope you are feeling better--and that your blood pressure is staying at normal numbers!!

    3. Haha, yeah; I learned the name because my dad has it, too. I thought it was a catchy name...but now I'm wondering if my mom just made that name up!! I'll have to ask her tomorrow :P
      I'm honestly not sure what my normal level is...I guess just that: normal. My dad has terrible blood pressure (besides the white coat syndrome, haha), so the doctor had him buy a monitor so he can check it every so often at home. My mom used that the one day on me, after the nurse almost had a heart attack at my appointment earlier in the day. To be honest, I don't even understand the numbers...when they tell me, I just look at my mom and she tells me if it's good or bad.
      My poor mom has one, though!! She (jokingly) blamed me for giving it to her!! I looked at her and go, "I was in another state and didn't even HAVE it!!!" My mom is goofy :)
      I'm glad that you liked my answer and understood where I was going with it. I stopped singing it for a few hours...but now it's back!!
      P.S. I am still getting on top of things! I was waiting until I got my mouse working to do excessive amounts of computer work (not a fan of the laptop mouse!), but the battery won't work in I think tomorrow I'm just going to have to suck it up and dive in! You'll be getting a billion alerts regarding comments from me soon!! "Be prepared!" (Now I have that song stuck in my head, too!! Favorite song from The Lion King, from my favorite character :D [Yes, Scar is my favorite character in that movie....I bought an uberly soft stuffed animal of him at Disney]).

    4. I'm not very fast on my laptop and prefer my desktop. But it sure is nice when we travel. But I always feel like I can't get as much done on my laptop. At any rate, hope all your computer mouse problems get resolved soon! And I love all of your comments and look forward to them.

      Disney songs have a way of getting stuck in our heads, don't they? That's okay. They are a good thing to have in our minds! Have a good night!