Monday, January 4, 2016



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Before I go any further, let's just get this out of the way right

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As for me, I've been back for awhile now, but I'm finally returning to blogging.
The holidays stole all of my time this year. That, combined with everything else going on with my father, made blogging take the back burner.

In between everything else, I also finished all of my beta reader edits for CHASING FIREFLIES.
It will be off to my editor this week.

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Christmas and the holiday season turned out to be utterly relaxing and just what I needed. (Once everything was done, that is!)

My Christmas present this year:


Now, that probably doesn't sound relaxing, but I was so excited for the transformation, I loved every minute of it.

Here's the before and after pictures.

In 1994, I thought rose countertops and rose walls were a good idea.

Oh yeah, and a flowery wall paper border.

The first thing I did was PAINT!
And cover the border. Not happy with that as of yet, but having the border taken down and the surface re-textured and painted will come next. (Long story!)
For now, white peel and stick tiles are the new border.
It'll have to do for awhile. That part of the project didn't turn out as planned.

Next, came THE DEMO.
And it was oh, so satisfying!

Then came the granite countertops.
Even when it wasn't finished, I was in LOVE!

Next,  the backsplash was installed. It's a white
subway tile with a gray grout.

The final product!

Quite the transformation, huh?

Merry Christmas to me!!!

Moving on . . .

Special thanks to each of you for your kind thoughts and concern for my father. He is currently doing chemo and we are praying for the best. He says he feels a little better and his appetite has returned to an extent. Nausea medicines used during chemo are amazing. His pain is now under control with morphine and when I last spoke with him on the phone, he sounded a little more like himself.
And so . . . we wait . . . and hope for a miracle.

Below is a pic of my Mom and Dad that I LOVE!

Tell me about your holiday season!
Hope it was WONDERFUL!


  1. Love your new kitchen, I redone mine about 20 years ago and loved it at the time, now it needs to be redone again but its not going to happen. We had a pretty good holiday besides my husband finding out he is going to loose his job sometime in the next year. The Caterpillar plant he is working for is moving the plant somewhere else. Its going to be rough after that happens, but I try now to worry.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that, Quilt Lady. That's horrible. Losing a job is very tough. I hope your hubby is able to find new employment very quickly. Sending prayers your way.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Welcome back Taylor! I love your new kitchen. I need to redo mine.

    1. It's been a looooong time coming, Rita. We were finally able to manage it, but now it'll be awhile before we can do more home improvement. Not that my house is horrible, but we raised four kids here, had numerous slumber parties, etc, and now the house needs a face lift!! So glad to be back. I missed you!

  3. The kitchen looks fun. It's always fun to see the transformations you make in your house. I'm glad your dad is feeling a little bit better. That picture of him and your mom is adorable. Happy new year.

    1. I love that picture too. I'd never seen it before. My bro-in-law sent it to me when he found it while going through his pictures.
      I was able to speak with my dad on the phone today. He's not feeling too good, but I'm so thankful when he feels like he can talk. Hope the New Year is fantastic for you and yours!

  4. I'm glad you're BACK back :) Your kitchen looks awesome! Yes, it was very 90s lol. I remember that color and border quite well! It was so pretty back then....what were we thinking? You certainly look like your mom! I love the picture of the two of them. Prayers for your dad's complete healing and for your mom's emotional health. It is such a hard thing! Talk to you Wednesday! Can't wait for Chasing Fireflies too! I loved Karey's book and am reading Rachael's now.

    1. I admit, I posted when I was back from Oregon, but then didn't really come BACK until after the holidays! So, yes, I'm BACK back. Silly me.
      Thanks! Glad you like my kitchen!
      I started reading Rachel's book first, because I received it first, so I'm finishing it. Next I'm going to read Karey's book. So excited!
      Thank you for your prayers on my dad's behalf. Much appreciated.

  5. Love the new kitchen. I have dreams of doing that...sometime. LOL I'm glad your dad is feeling a bit better and your parents are looking good. :-)

    1. I've dreamed of re-doing my kitchen for years. I even contemplated tearing off the old rose backsplash myself. It was so good to see it go!! I still can't believe it's my kitchen. Thanks for stopping by, Sherry!