Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Congratulations to the last WORDLESS WEDNESDAY 
winner: Rita!

I liked her answer entitled:

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To view, go here.

Wordless Wednesday will continue on November 2nd.
My daughter just had a baby GIRL and I'm going to be busy holding her for the next few weeks!!

See you then!

Pictures soon to follow!

Monday, October 3, 2016


To Move the World (Power of the Matchmaker) by [Sirois, Regina]

This one is loaded on my kindle and ready to go!

Here's the blurb:

Eve Brannon never had to bother planning out her future. In the Yorkshire dales where life is harder, it is also simpler. Next in line to inherit her family's farm, she will raise another generation of children and sheep high in the uplands of England. Waiting until next year when she is 19 to marry her father's handsome hired hand, Alan, is the detail she added herself. 

But in 1939 even the most stalwart corners of the world are vibrating with the tremors of change. Eve's long-anticipated proposal comes on the wings of losing Alan to the Royal Army and at the brink of the farm's profitable war years the sheep herd is decimated by a mysterious illness. With her steady future suddenly in the clutches of a capricious fate, Eve is introduced to Jonathon Doran, a land manager anxious to prove himself in a crisis, and she discovers that the solid earth beneath her feet is moving after all.

In other news:

Remember the below picture I posted from July? It's of my parents with my daughter and my grandchildren.

It is supposed to be a picture of my parents with their great grandchildren. My daughter is in the picture since their newest great grandchild is in her tummy. Notice my mother is pointing to my daughter's belly.

Yep, that's grandbaby #5 for me in there!

And guess what? SHE'S about to enter the world ANY DAY NOW!
Notice I said SHE! Yes, after four grandsons (one in heaven), I'm about to have a granddaughter!!!
We are ready to take off as soon as my daughter has the baby. She lives in Idaho and we live in Texas, so we will drive up to Idaho as soon as we get word.
So, if you notice that I'm missing for the next few weeks, it's because I'll be in Idaho holding my brand new granddaughter!
I'm just a little bit excited.

And, yes, I will close down my blog while we are gone. Wordless Wednesday will continue as usual as soon as I return home.

Of course, I will post pictures as soon as I have them!!!

But, until we get that call, it's business as usual.

Hope your Monday is wonderful!