Monday, November 28, 2016


How The World Reads

Thank you Eric Roberts for contributing this guest post and for writing the introduction to the below infographic.

Despite the emergence of audio books and podcasts as alternatives to the normal printed books, reading proves to be an important facet of learning and conveying messages among humans.

In fact, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) revealed that the global youth literacy rate rose to 90% in 2011 (census decades 2005-2015) from 87% in 2000 (census decades 1995-2004) and 83% in 1990 (census decades 1985-1994).

Apart from this, there’s so much more to discover when it comes to reading such as how people from different parts of the world read, as well as the reasons they do such activity.

How We Read

There are three types of vision ranges namely fovea (the area at the center of the retina), parafovea (expands up to 5 degrees on either side of fixation), and periphery (which is basically everything else).

The main differences of the vision ranges are in its functions. The fovea is critical for reading and can pick up details well. The periphery, though unclear and not that detailed, can pick up color and movement. Lastly, the parafovea is the vision range that helps people understand everything they read clearly.

Why We Love to Read

Bookworms are the perfect people to ask about reading, as not everyone loves it or even does it during their free time. Whether for meeting requirements for school or work, entertainment, enlightenment, or just to kill time, reading is something that every person has done in his or her life.

To have a better understanding of how the world reads, here’s a comprehensive infographic containing relevant facts and statistics.

for this interesting graphic. If you are a reader, I think you will find this information fascinating!

How the World Reads


  1. Fun post. I do most of my reading on my Kindle, so I'll have to start doing those exercises to keep my eyes good it seems.

    1. Interesting stuff, huh? Occasionally people contact me, wanting to post something on my blog. I said yes to this one because I thought readers would find it informative. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Such a cool infographic! It does have so much fun information on it.

    1. I agree. I especially enjoyed the best selling books and the banned books section. And, well . . . I love it all. Very well done and I was happy to share it on my blog!

  3. Fantastic. I read print and ebooks, but I know I spend way too much time concentrating solely on what's directly in front of me..on the pages, or the computer, for too long. Will this change me? Probably not. Sometimes I just can't look away...must read...must know...LOL

    1. So true. When I'm really into a book, I don't even notice how uncomfortable the position is I'm sitting in, much less think about my eyes. But I love when a book absorbs me like that!