Monday, November 14, 2016


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This week I have been busy writing and it feels great. I'm polishing STONE SILENCE and eager to get started on Book Two, JAILBIRD.
However, I'm not moving on to the next book until I'm happy with STONE SILENCE. It still needs some work as there are a few scenes I'm not happy with as of yet.

Managing my time this year has been challenging.

When I first found myself with an empty nest, I decided to finally write the stories in my head. They were constantly running through my mind as if they were screaming for attention. Now that those stories have been written, it's as if they are deleted from my mind and I don't think about them anymore. Truth be told, I miss them.

No worries. New stories are now occupying my attention.

At any rate, when I first started writing, I had time on my hands. All of my children had left the nest. The thing is, not only did they leave the nest, they moved away. And I was sad. I missed my houseful of children and all the hustle and bustle.

But writing filled the gap in my heart.

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This past year, my daughter, her husband, and their son moved in with us for six months while they made an employment change. I watched my grandson as much as possible so my daughter could work. (She works from home.)

They have since moved out and settled only two hours away. One week after they moved out, my son moved back home. Evidently I have revolving doors on my house! Even though he graduated from college a year ago, he is now knocking out the pre-requisites he needs in order to go to nursing school, with his end goal to be a nurse practitioner.

2016 also saw not one, but THREE trips to Oregon as my father fought and lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

Such a simple statement, and yet this was a traumatic event in my life.

On the lighter side, we also welcomed a brand new granddaughter and spent three weeks on a trip to Idaho to see her--and spoil my daughter as she recovered.

As you can see, my nice quiet writing life went a little haywire this year. But, you know what? All of the family time made me happy. All of the experiences and emotions changed me. Every detail is written on my heart.

And I believe that all of these real life experiences will enhance and improve my writing. However, I hope real life will calm down a bit so I can concentrate on writing fictional stories about life!

But then, how can I write about life without having experienced it?

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  1. You have had quite the year, haven't you? But each experience, bad or good, does shape and mold us into a better person. I hope you have a nice reprieve though for the holidays and gets lots of fun writing time in that makes you happy.

    1. I'm think I'm overdue for a break! I'm very ready to have a nice, quiet life for a while. And get lots of writing done while I'm at it!! I'm looking forward to the holidays as well. Thanks for your comment, Charissa.

  2. Yes, life does get in the way of our best laid plans! You really have had a busy year. I'm doing #NaNoWriMo again. I started out Middle Grade Fantasy, but I hated where it was going....nowhere lol. Sooooooo turns out now it is a chick lit and the teacher was grading some creative writing assignments lol. That's what I love about can just write and let it turn out how it turns out.

    1. Haha! That's great, Christy! Very smart move. I can't tell you how many scenes I've written that have been a victim of the delete button. Good luck with your story. I've never done NaNoWriMo, but then I feel as though I do it all year long!! Just not as fast though! The fastest I've ever written a book was For Nick. I wrote that one in two months. However, it took much longer to EDIT the heck out of it! Have fun!

  3. So much in one year Taylor. Life never sits still. I'm so excited for your next books. Sherry and I are both finished reading your last book and hope to Tag Team it soon. I was shocked to discover I had read all of your books so you know I'm waiting.....LOL

    1. Yeah, you have caught up with me! I wish I was faster at writing books. The authors who produce like crazy impress me. I'm looking forward to the Tag Team Event. Thank you so much for always featuring my books on your blog. I love it so much!

  4. Tick Tock...Glad to hear the writing is going well. Even though you have faced some hardships, those silver linings help. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Yes, those silver linings are amazing and keep me--and all of us--going.
      But, I do hear that clock ticking and I'd like to get my next books moving forward! It's a time consuming process, but I love every minute of it. I just need the time to do it. Thank goodness life has calmed down and I can get busy!