Monday, November 6, 2017

Giveaway Alert!

Hi all,

With the release of my  newest book, STONE SILENCE, many bloggers have been sharing the news, which I greatly appreciate.

In fact, one blogger is even doing a review a day of each one of my books--AND doing a giveaway of one of my books--reader's choice!

So, I thought I would point you her way, so you can enter to win a free book! I'm not doing the giveaway, she is, all on her own. Wow. Isn't that amazing? I'm floored by her efforts on my behalf.

She blogs about clean romance and has lots of great suggestions for books, so if that's what you love, you won't regret giving her a follow.

Day One post is HERE.

Day Two post is HERE.

And by the time this posts, I'm sure the Day Three post will be up.

Go on over and check it out! Good luck!

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